Dazed Club Spotlight: May 2024

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“I’m Jaye, a Libyan/American multidisciplinary artist currently studying at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. I work primarily with digital processes, often incorporating painting, sculpture and photography into a project that can best be described as experimental. , exploratory and adaptive practice.

“This collection is part of a project that combines my love for fashion and video games to create unique characters. I see both fields as multifaceted fields with endless room for creativity and innovation. I I’ve been into video games since I was five years old, when I first received a Nintendo DS Lite and a bunch of different games. I loved browsing the character menu, and as a kid, I was obsessed with the characters’ costumes, exaggerated proportions, quirky features, and weirdness. I was even more fascinated when I discovered that each character had their own lore and a complex world that I was exploring and navigating. It really sparked a lot of my imagination and shaped me deeply at such a young age. my creativity.

“In video game character design, every accessory and fashion choice is a conduit for the outward expression of a character’s personality; from their clothing style to the intricate details of their accessories – every element is carefully designed to convey the nuances of their personality Difference. Fashion was no exception. I collected fashion magazines in middle school, cut out my favorite looks and stuck them in scrapbooks, sometimes creating stories for them and tearing out editorials to post on my bedroom wall.

“This project draws parallels between the drama and storytelling that exists in the worlds of fashion and game development, and attempts to evoke a unique point of view that will hopefully resonate with audiences. I’m currently working on more characters, with the goal of creating a large character selection interface (just like in video games). This project is still in its early stages and I’m eager to develop it and watch it grow into something truly impactful.


“As a collage and visual artist, I create physical and digital collages as well as video collages and try to translate the analog into the digital while exploring how these two worlds interact. My series focus on touch and intimacy Idea – I try to capture the connections we humans make so easily, this particular series on desire focuses on capturing the beauty and joy of touch and the feelings these relationships create.

“As a medium, I find collage to be constantly rooted in change, and it’s a very transformative medium that’s very attractive to me. I love how collage appeals to something almost childlike within us. The power of cutting things up and gluing them together for creation and expression. As a medium, collage can be very open and free, not necessarily restricted by other “rules” of more traditional or formal art means.

“My art series often attempt to capture feelings or emotions that I can never seem to put into words. This includes exploring dreams and the surreal, trying (but never quite being able to) capture the feeling of love and longing for another, or trying to tell People are what inspire and motivate me, those intangible feelings and feelings I can’t seem to put into words when you’re really not doing well. To express an emotion, a feeling, or a broader thematic issue that I try to embrace on a personal level, I am deeply influenced by the concept of the human body and form, how the body evokes and expresses emotion, and the meaning of reorganized form. Inspire.

“My creative scene is based in Manchester. I’m very inspired by the city itself and the creative buzz that echoes around me. I find the creative community here to be very open and welcoming, which is great for artists right now. What a great place.

Kate is part of an upcoming video exhibition, Them_Resistance: Queer Voices Taking place at Sleepy Parrot Studios, Stockport, from 13th to 16th June.


“My approach to design is often rooted in reflecting on my personal journey, whether it’s exploring my identity or delving into the close relationships I have, sharing and creating a sense of community and emotion through the clothes I create. With This, I tend to be inspired by poetry and literature, art history, coupled with my love of tactile materials.

“During lockdown, I became interested in design as textiles became my salvation. My grandma would teach me how to knit and give me her sewing equipment because she was a skilled seamstress in her youth. She Textiles have been particularly healing for me since her death and I have used my skills in textile art and conceptual concepts during my foundation course in my FMP. Based on my personal struggles, I researched the concept of the “inner child” and combined these ideas of growth, environmental influences, and child-like curiosity.

“Recently, I created a project called Ode to Fabric My first year of college project revolved around upcycling denim. My project is centered around celebrating the importance of cloth and the techniques used to make it, such as weaving. Inspired by historical tapestries, denim is stripped back to appreciate the craftsmanship of the materials, making them even more valuable and precious, asking the viewer to slow down, appreciate the craftsmanship and embrace the cycle of mending.


production staff

Director and Cinematographer: Prinn Vajrabhaya @lately.studios
Photographer + Sound Design: Josie Critchley @josie_8192
Editor: Prinn Vajrabhaya @lately.studios and Rohan Chandel
Typesetting: Stevie Akpa-Agwu
Music: Plushb4by @_rowenne and Aft3rsen @aft3rsen

“My name is Prinn Vajrabhaya, I am a Thai filmmaker and photographer living in South London, currently studying film and television production at LSBU. after get off work is a short documentary film I directed about the London rave scene that invites viewers into an immersive world of nightlife, from entering the club to meeting people in the smoking area to getting lost in the music, created by Club Nights The author tells.

“One of my favorite scenes is the race montage in the intro. The two shots were shot in the same location but depict two worlds made different by the music and people’s enjoyment. I also love the editing grid sequence to capture the essence of a club smoking area, where people from all over the world interact and share brief, intimate moments. I hope this film provides a window into new forms of nightlife and encourages people to venture out and listen to new music. Try new things and meet new people.

“I love telling stories and capturing authentic fleeting moments. Nostalgia and exploration are themes I keep returning to. I’m fascinated by the timeless and dreamlike quality of the photography of Justine Kurland and Petra Collins, but I always start from my I look for inspiration in my friends and their stories. I always take my camera with me on nights out and look through all the shots in a hungover state the next morning. Captured photos always hold the truest moments and encourage you to pay attention. and appreciate your daily life.

“Much of the film was shot in Peckham Rye and I spent a lot of time there – there are lots of events and venues to visit. I’m working on another film and have some more Exciting projects coming soon!


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