ROSS Mixers offers factory restoration equipment

ROSS Mixers are known for their reliable and high-performance mixers, consistently delivering quality and innovation. In addition to manufacturing new, durable mixers, ROSS also specializes in refurbishment of existing equipment and provides customers with the same one-year warranty from the date of shipment as new equipment.

Every component of the blender is restored by highly skilled mechanics and engineers and is thoroughly inspected, repaired, repolished and tested to ensure unparalleled quality and performance.

The newly refurbished ROSS DPM-100 dual planetary mixer pictured above is constructed from Type 304 stainless steel components and features a change-tank design with a hydraulic lift and interchangeable mixing tanks for semi-continuous operation. This mixer is suitable for mixing under vacuum and is equipped with a touch screen and variable speed control system.

The spiral high-pressure blades rotate steadily around the edge of the container, pushing the material forward and downward while rotating on each axis and guiding the product from the side walls to the center. With an orbital speed range of 6 to 22 rpm and an agitator speed range of 7 to 28 rpm, the DPM-100 can be used in a variety of mixing applications, including wet pastes and slurries, dry powders and granules, and viscous semi-viscous materials. , such as dough and gel. The vacuum function allows the DPM-100 to also be used as a vacuum dryer.

Companies using ROSS Mixers who want to retrofit their existing equipment can contact the Parts and Service Department at 800-243-7677 or

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