Epson launches fast new ColorWorks CW-C8000 label printer

Printers looking for high-speed color label production now have a potential new tool in their arsenal, with Epson launching its new ColorWorks CW-C8000 label printer.

The ColorWorks® CW-C8000 printer will be available in the United States and Canada in late July 2024. It will replace the Epson C7500 and become Epson’s best-selling label printer. It prints 4-inch color labels at 12 inches per second. 1

“It is our fastest ColorWork printer and offers improved print quality and reliability,” said Stevi Sterns, ColorWorks product manager for label printing solutions. “The ColorWorks CW-C8000 printer enables small, medium and large businesses and converters to print color labels and provide customizable labeling solutions for on-demand flexibility.

“The CW-C8000 is purpose-built for the rapidly growing industrial labeling market, which relies on fast printing and high image quality to meet product labeling requirements,” added Sterns. “Providing accurate color, smooth gradients, precise barcodes and crisp text, this new model is designed to inspire businesses to break with tradition, embrace a new era of label printing and ‘make labels differently’.”

The ColorWorks series includes the C4000, C6000-A and C6000-P, the C6500-A and C6500-P (capable of printing labels up to 8.34 inches wide), and the new C8000. The CW-C8000 is designed for high-volume industrial printing in multiple markets, including premium and boutique, product ID, warehousing and logistics.

“The target application is secondary premium labels,” Stearns noted. “Product ID tags and premium tags are the primary applications, and industrial tags are the secondary application. End users will be able to print their own internal use labels as well as fast production runs, such as asset tags and inbound tags.

The CW-C8000 features PrecisionCore® Heat-Free technology to minimize user intervention and reduce maintenance costs, while UltraChrome® DL ink delivers accurate color, smooth gradients, precise barcodes and crisp text. One of the most interesting advancements is UltraChrome DL CMYK ink, which is designed for high-quality labels and is smudge, smudge and fade resistant. Epson has moved away from ink cartridges to a Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS), which significantly increases ink capacity.

“All of our inks are pigmented,” Stearns said. “Speed ​​is a key point and the 1.9 liter total ink capacity is ideal for high-volume runs requiring less intervention and reducing consumable waste. The ink capacity per bag will increase from 300ml to 480ml, giving customers 1.9 liters of total ink capacity. 2 This reduces maintenance and prints more with one set of inks.

With the new CW-C8000, businesses can choose between matte and gloss inks. It features a 2.7-color LCD and a new Epson Cloud Solution port for remote fleet management, allowing printers to remotely monitor their printers and view fleet utilization and efficiency, make adjustments and perform rapid remote troubleshooting .

So far, initial reviews from printers have been very good, Stearns said.

“Our beta customers are delighted—the design is rugged but not overwhelming,” concluded Stearns. “It’s designed for mid- to high-volume batch runs in on-demand environments. ”

1 Prints at full 1200 x 600 resolution.
2 Some of the ink from the first cartridge/package is used to initialize the printer. Ink usage can vary widely depending on the image being printed, print settings, paper type, frequency of use, temperature and humidity. The difference may be more noticeable when printing infrequently or primarily with one ink color. Ink is used for printing and printer maintenance, and all colors must be available for printing. To improve print quality, the remaining ink level will vary after the “Replace Ink” indicator light is on.

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