Boox launches two new minimalist e-ink tablets designed for everyday use


  • Boox launches the Go series of tablets, designed for everyday use with a minimalist design and a variety of functions beyond just reading.
  • Boox Go 10.3 is a lightweight and portable monochrome e-paper notepad with a 10.3-inch display, perfect for stress-free reading.
  • For those looking for color, the Boox Go Color 7 with Kaleido 3 e-paper display delivers vibrant visuals without sacrificing eye comfort.

When Amazon released the Kindle e-reader, it revolutionized the way mainstream readers consumed books. These days, if you’re interested in purchasing an e-reader, you have more than just the Kindle series to choose from. Since then, companies such as Rakuten have entered the market with their own models, providing consumers with more choice and variety. China’s Onyx, a company that started producing its own e-readers under the Boox brand, has released two new products.


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Today, the company announced the launch of Bucs go 10.3 and Boox Go Color 7 , two new e-paper tablets with minimalist designs. The Go series is particularly suitable for everyday use – these models are lightweight and portable and can be taken anywhere. They also include many different features that make them useful for more than just instant reading.

Go 10.3 is positioned as a monochrome e-paper notepad. It’s only 4.6mm thick, making it completely portable, but with a 10.3-inch 300 PPI display, it doesn’t skimp on visuals. Since it has no front light layer, there is less stress on the eyes when reading content on the screen. It also has multiple note-taking features, allowing it to double as a writing device.

Boox also has something for those who want color

For those who want a little more energy, the Go Color 7 is an option worth considering. This e-reader from Boox features the manufacturer’s Kaleido 3 color e-paper display, but it’s easy on the eyes. This is partly due to the high quality of the screen and the reduction in ghosting effects. Go Color 7 also comes with page turning buttons for easy use. This model is available on the Boox website for $250, while the previously mentioned Go 10.3 is available for pre-order – with a release date set for the end of June and a price of $380.

As Boox carves out a niche in the e-reader market, existing competitors are also evolving. For example, Rakuten’s e-reader brand Kobo has launched a new series using e-ink-like technology. Consumers have more choices than ever before, and manufacturers will have to work harder to stand out.

  • Boox Go Color 7 rendering on white background.

    Boox Go Color 7

    Boox Go Color 7 features a Kaleido 3 e-paper screen that leverages the unparalleled legibility of e-ink to deliver an all-around display that performs ideally in most situations. But with reduced ghosting and dedicated page-turn buttons, it’s still an e-reader at heart.

  • Rendering of Boox Go 10.3 on white background, viewed from the front and back.

    Bucs go 10.3

    At 4.6mm thick, the Boox Go 10.3 is one of the thinnest full-size e-readers on the market. Featuring a crisp 300 PPI display measuring 10.3 inches diagonally, Boox utilizes a suite of note-taking features that make it more than just an e-reader, but an all-in-one digital notebook.

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