Turkish and Palestinian ministers sign economic cooperation agreement in Istanbul – Middle East Monitor

Omer Bolat meets Oliver Varhelyi in Ankara

Turkish Trade Minister Omer Bolat in Ankara, Turkey on May 23, 2024 Muhammed Selim Korkutata/Anadolu via Getty Images]

Turkish and Palestinian ministers signed an economic cooperation protocol in Istanbul, according to a statement from the Turkish Trade Ministry on Friday. Anadolu Agency Report.

Trade Minister Omar Borat and Palestinian Economy Minister Mohammed Alamoor agreed to establish more frequent exchanges of visits within the framework of the two countries’ High Council for Economic Cooperation and Free Trade.

The statement said that the signed agreement framework will allow for the uninterrupted flow of goods from Turkey to Palestine and that the duty-free quota for date palm exports will be increased to 5,000 tons.

Borat said Turkey has completely stopped trade with Israel since May 2 and this will continue until a permanent and immediate ceasefire is achieved and uninterrupted humanitarian aid is allowed into the war-torn region.

Under the agreement, the two ministers will meet again in three months and review progress on agreed issues.

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