Sanctuary Drive tarnished by their choice on alt-rock single “Ink”

Goulburn band Sanctuary Drive combine powerful storytelling with exciting alternative rock beats in their new single ‘Ink’.

Sanctuary Drive detail the consequences of bad habits on their exciting new single “Ink.” The track marks the Goulburn band’s debut album of 2024, and, aided by a woozy alternative rock sound, they reflect on the stain left by bad choices.

“Ink” opens with a brisk rhythm and a raw vocal performance, before launching into a rousing chorus and blaring guitar. In its quieter moments, “Ink” is carried by sparse instrumentation and an almost lullaby-like rhythm.

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It’s within these verses that Sanctuary Drive brings a sense of intimacy and vulnerability, but it’s not long before the band reaches thunderous levels of pure rock.

The quartet clatters through the chorus, with soaring vocals, crashing cymbals and the kind of pounding bass that feels like it was built for rave.

The band’s ability to ramp up the energy when needed while slowing down the tempo makes for a consistently engaging listen and showcases their skill with both soft and hard rock styles.

A fuzzy surf rock flourish then sets the tone for the entire outro, brought to life by chanted vocals and jazz-style guitar.

Temple Boulevard

It’s a testament to Sanctuary Drive’s talent that these versatile, dynamic voices fit together so seamlessly, and that they also possess a clear lyrical skill.

Here, the band considers how bad habits can contaminate themselves and those around them. These habits make them “My skin is covered in ink” compare consequences “Pick at your skin.”

By the end of the song, the lingering effects of bad habits have reached the point of no return, and the band laments how “Everywhere I went there was ink.”

The song’s electrifying sound brings an impactful message to life, and it highlights Sanctuary Drive’s powerful storytelling skills.

With a killer release like this, it’s hard not to feel like Sanctuary Drive is on the cusp of a breakthrough moment. Catch them before their climb via new single “Ink” below.

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