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people are coming Go to Huntington Beach and enjoy the view. Will they stay – or stick to politics? (Flickr).

Oh, everything gets better, doesn’t it?

That is, if you’re the kind of person who loves train wrecks and traffic accidents.

I spoke in these vague terms about Tuesday’s Huntington Beach City Council meeting, where some members continued to support the community’s emerging image as the new “Arkansas by the Sea.”

As you may have read or heard, the end of the Council meeting was mired in controversy over proposals that affirmed a) the sky is blue and the water is wet and/or b) the Council’s sense of the U.S. Constitution Very good especially the part about free speech and guns.

Councilman Dan Kalmick proposed (and later withdrew) the first option, and Mayor Pro Tem Pat Burns proposed the second. On the proposal, the committee’s three liberal members — Kalmick, Natalie Moser and Rhonda Bolton — withdrew, allowing others to vote in favor.

I won’t try to argue the relative merits of these resolutions, except to point out that the sky isn’t always blue, especially during the “gloomy days of June.”

I am mainly referring to events earlier in the meeting, when the council discussed the importance of tourism to the city and the municipal budget.

Long story short, the city is headed for financial collapse and the pond will soon be in the red. Meanwhile, the committee heard a report on how much black ink the tourism industry generates.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly everything the outside world has heard about Surf City has been “Tito Ortiz, no pride flags, anti-vaccination protests, book censorship and library outsourcing.” Fairly or not, public opinion “out there” may be growing stronger that Huntington Beach is becoming an unsuitable place for the hotel industry. Conferences, vacationers and locals may decide to spend their per diem and luxury budgets in another town.

From a strictly economic perspective, the City Council majority—if they cared about the city’s finances—would resolve these disputes—and get down to business.

You can’t woo a beautiful girl by kicking her dog. Or, as Plato said, “take a reassurance.”

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