Trinity School of Ministry’s new name

After years of discussions and planning, Trinity School of Ministry was officially renamed Trinity Episcopal Theological Seminary. The change does not mean a break with the past or a new mission. As always, we…

An evangelical seminary in the Anglican tradition. In a divided world, we aspire to be a global center for Christian formation, developing outstanding leaders who plant, renew and grow the church as disciples of Jesus Christ. To this end, we are forming Christian mission leaders.

We continue to be guided by the same vision and mission, but our new name better reflects the expanding scope of our work in the 21st centuryYingshi century. While Trinity Anglican School of Ministry was established to assist in the renewal of biblically faithful Anglicanism within the Anglican Communion, we have become one of the key institutions leading the renewal and reorganization of Anglican churches around the world. Our new name reflects Holy Trinity’s long-standing commitment to the Anglican Way, which includes the rich legacy of the English Reformation and expansion into North America and around the world.

We believe that Anglicanism—when it remains faithful to the Bible, Evangelical, Catholic, and Reformed—offers an excellent way to be a Christian. Therefore, we are unapologetically Anglican and fully committed to developing Christian leaders who can spread the gospel in a broken world and plant, renew and grow the church to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Although the majority of Trinity students are Anglican, Presbyterian and Lutheran students study alongside Anglican colleagues in programs overseen by the Lutheran and Evangelical Presbyterian Churches of North America.

In line with Trinity’s priority of meeting the leadership needs of Anglican churches and dioceses in North America, the seminary’s traditional “residential pathway” is now supplemented by a “church-based pathway.” Students pursuing a master’s degree through the Church-Based Pathway do not need to move to Ambridge but can use online courses, week-long on-campus intensives and certified tutoring programs to complete their studies. Their ministry composition is directed by local churches and clergy.

In support of the renewed emphasis on training students to lead Episcopal worship, Holy Trinity recently
Acquired a 100-year-old Presbyterian church adjacent to campus and renovated it into a 600-seat, state-of-the-art worship space for liturgical training, daily prayer, and campus gatherings.

Trinity Episcopal Divinity School is located in Ambridge, Pennsylvania and has nearly 1,500 alumni around the world. It offers a variety of programs, including master’s and doctoral degrees as well as non-degree programs, all designed to equip leaders for ministry and missions. Through rigorous academic courses, dynamic worship, and practical ministry experiences, Trinity Episcopal Divinity School students will be prepared to deal with the complexities of an evolving world while maintaining the roots of the Christian faith

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