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While laptop manufacturers rave about the power of their hardware and the beauty of their screens, it’s probably the laptop’s case that most people appreciate most about their products. As with smartphones, this is the most visible part of the laptop, and therefore the most expressive. You can almost tell a lot about a laptop owner by the designs and stickers on it, or conversely, by the lack of any frills. Unfortunately, at least until now, there isn’t any easy way to satisfy the diverse tastes of laptop users. At Computex 2024, Asus showed off one of its latest concept designs that allows users to change the design of a laptop case with the push of a button, and keep changing it as they please without spending power or money.

Designer: ASUS

In theory, you could mount a second LCD screen on the back of your laptop to display dazzling images or even captivating videos, but this would drain the laptop’s battery, especially if you need to keep the cover display visible when the laptop shuts down and shuts down. As with any problem involving power-hungry LCDs and OLEDs, the solution is to use an ePaper Display, or EPD, such as E Ink’s popular panels for e-book readers. If you didn’t know it, E Ink has the perfect technology that Asus has applied to its Project DALI laptop concept to make the laptop more personalized without having to stick anything on it.

While E Ink Spectra 6 is primarily used for sign installation, it brings a touch of color to the eye-friendly and power-saving E Ink screen. It can’t match the vivid colors of even the humblest LCD monitor, but it has one very important advantage. Once you change the image it displays, it no longer consumes any power and can display that image for a long time. In other words, it’s perfect for a semi-permanent display that doesn’t change much, like what you might have on the back of a laptop.

Project DALI leverages this technology to provide laptop users with an unprecedented level of personalization that you can’t even imagine with stickers or skins. With ASUS’s dedicated software, you can choose from a number of preset designs or create your own, letting you express your tastes, interests, and personality the way you want. Best of all, you can change it at any time and it will only cost you a little time and effort instead of the money of new stickers or the energy of cleaning up those pesky adhesive residue.

ASUS Project DALI is not the first product to install an E Ink display on the back of a laptop. Lenovo also showed a similar idea at CES 2024 in January. High color DPI Of course, the number of supported hues is still limited. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on whether Project DALI will become an official ASUS product, but if it does, it’s bound to win a lot of fans.

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