Ningbo exhibition ink works combine strength and tranquility

Yue Zengguang is showing his landscape paintings in Ningbo, Zhejiang province. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Yue Zengguang is known for his unique artistic style, with his ink paintings using sharp outlines to inject vitality and masculinity into the natural elements of landscapes and trees. In contrast to this power, he skillfully incorporates vibrant tones such as highly saturated greens, blues and reds into his creations, giving his works a sense of grandeur and softness.

Yue’s captivating artwork is currently on display at the Ningbo branch of Rongbaozhai, a brand of rare antiques in Zhejiang Province. echo of mountainshis solo exhibition on view until June 6, invites viewers to immerse themselves in his evocative interpretations of the natural world.

still loyal to qing-lyu Mr. Yue’s works adhere to the traditional Chinese painting (green) style, not only paying homage to classical techniques, but also demonstrating his innovative approach to landscape art. By introducing a unique sense of spatial depth, he enriches the viewer’s experience, providing a new perspective on the timeless beauty of nature captured through brushstrokes.

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