Huisman signs deepwater crane supply agreement with Malaysia Oilfield Services

(Image source: Huisman)

(Image source: Huisman)

Dutch company Huisman has secured its first contract from Coastal International Marine, part of Malaysian oil and gas services company Coastal Contracts, to supply deepwater knuckle boom cranes.

The knuckle-boom crane has a lifting capacity of 100 meters and is equipped with a deepwater winch and active heave compensation.

Huisman recently launched the optimized KBC range, designed specifically for the offshore subsea construction market.

The optimized model is in line with the latest trends in offshore construction vessels, which emphasize increased energy efficiency, advanced automation and improved safety features.

This crane type is available with the option of all-electric delivery and patented electrical integration with the ship’s battery pack.

The cranes and winches will be manufactured in Asia.

This is Huisman’s second contract in the series, following a similar 100 tonne knuckle boom crane order placed with the Japanese construction company in March, which will be integrated into its latest cable laying and construction vessels.

“We are delighted to have selected Huisman to supply a knuckle boom crane for our fast-track project. With Huisman’s impressive track record, we are confident that the crane will be delivered on time and will be of the best design and quality.

“We are grateful to Coastal International Marine for their trust and confidence in awarding this order to Huisman. We have had productive discussions with them since the launch of our improved and competitive Huisman knuckle boom cranes , we are delighted to welcome them as new customers,” added Timon Ligterink, Commercial Director of Huisman Asia Pacific.

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