Flint Group expands TerraCode range

Flint Group announces the expansion of its TerraCode range with the launch of its latest product: TerraCode Bio. This new range expands Flint Group’s range of environmentally friendly bio-based extenders and coatings designed specifically for the corrugated market.

Originally launched in 2019, TerraCode is Flint Group’s portfolio of environmentally friendly inks and coatings designed specifically for paper packaging applications.

Notably, TerraCode Bio is built on biorenewable and recycled materials. These products demonstrate superior print quality and durability that rival or exceed Flint Group’s traditional inks.

“Our expanded TerraCode Bio range of extenders and coatings is an excellent addition to our TerraCode product portfolio for corrugated printing,” said Kari Raassina, Senior Director of Product Management Europe at Flint Group. “Pre-release trials of packaging printers across Europe have been a huge success. We are delighted to officially add these new TerraCode Bio products to our European product range.

“In addition to supporting packaging sustainability, the range offers exceptional performance levels with outstanding coverage, tonal value and trapping quality. For added versatility, TerraCode Bio is suitable for high-volume uncoated boards and More detailed coating plate design,” Raassina continues. “Our TerraCode Bio range is part of Flint Group’s ‘building block’ technology.

“With our TerraCode Bio extender, ink formulations can contain up to 90% biorenewable or recycled raw materials, which is a huge sustainability advantage for circularity-focused corrugated packaging converters,” Flint European Paper and Paperboard Product Manager Alessio Crivellari Group, have been added. “This technology can also reduce the CO2 emissions of Flint Group’s corrugated packaging extenders by up to 40%.”

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