Chile and Nvidia sign artificial intelligence development partnership

Chile and Nvidia sign artificial intelligence development partnership

Chile will sign a partnership with Nvidia to develop advanced computing and strengthen the country’s artificial intelligence ecosystem.

Márcio Aguiar, head of enterprise sales for Latin America at Nvidia, told BNamericas that the partnership will be achieved through the Chilean government’s compliance with the Nvidia AI Nations program.

The agreement is expected to be formalized in September, when Nvidia will host an event in the country with local startups. That same month, the government will unveil details of its data center plan, which aims to attract $2.5 billion in investment.

Earlier this month, the government submitted a bill to the House of Commons to regulate artificial intelligence in line with EU-approved regulatory guidance, with different obligations based on risk.

In Chile, universities have been the main buyers of Nvidia’s DGX supercomputing platform. The country is currently negotiating to purchase eight more such aircraft.

Brazil is the first major country in Latin America to join Nvidia’s AI Nation program, but only at federal universities.

Ahead of the generative AI boom, the Federal University of Goiás (UFG) joined the initiative in September 2022 to promote the growth of accelerated computing and expand access to processing power in industry and academia. The move comes through its Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence (CEIA).

At the end of July, Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) intends to launch an artificial intelligence infrastructure policy based on the country’s existing artificial intelligence strategy.

The policy could open the door to partnerships with Nvidia at the government level. Brazil is also developing its own data center plans.

In addition to Brazil, Nvidia has partnerships with Ecuador and Uruguay and is in talks with Paraguay, El Salvador, Barbados and the Dominican Republic.

“All these countries are looking to promote talent development and data infrastructure development,” Aguiar said.

He added that Paraguay has attracted the attention of large cloud service providers to install data centers due to its abundance of clean energy and government measures to attract investment in data infrastructure.

“If the country has a clear policy and needs our help, we will help design it,” Aguiar said.

In Mexico, ruling party presidential candidate Claudia Sheinbaum has requested a meeting with Nvidia, and the company may have to wait until after the June 2 election to hold such a meeting, BNamericas has learned.

Latin America and financial performance

Companies and governments in Latin America are still in the early stages of advanced artificial intelligence supercomputing.

“Latin America continues to explore [the use of advanced AI]it’s growing but it’s still in its infancy,” Aguiar said.

The region accounts for approximately 4-5% of Nvidia’s global revenue.

On Thursday, the company announced that sales in the first fiscal quarter ended April 28 reached a record $26 billion, a 262% increase, and data center revenue increased 427% to $14.8 billion.

Nvidia’s net profit grew even more strongly, soaring 628% to $14.8 billion.

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