Out-of-town writer is adapting “The Black-Blooded Sister Scribe” into a series

Emma Tozzi’s debut novel Senior Sister Mo Xuecaused quite a stir when it was published in 2023. good morning america Book club selections and A New York Times A book worth mentioning, and now, a year after its publication, it has a new claim to fame: Deadline reports that the book has been greenlit as a series by Gato Grande, a division of Amazon MGM Studios.

The novel will be adapted by writer and executive producer Bronwyn Garrity, who has an interesting track record with SFF programming: she has served as writer and/or producer on: under the dome, Outlander, The Umbrella Academyand Peripherals.

Senior Sister Mo Xue Recommended by many celebrity writers, including profiles from Marlon James, Kelly Link, and others. exist Washington post, Charlie Jane Anders called it “totally irresistible.” Here is a synopsis of the book:

The Carrotai family has guarded a large number of ancient and rare books for generations. These books – which allow one to walk through walls or manipulate the elements – are the magical books that half-sisters Joanna and Esther have revered and protected since childhood.

However, all magic comes with a price, and the sisters have been separated for many years. Esther fled to a remote base in Antarctica to escape the murder of her mother, while Joanna isolated herself in her Vermont home and devoted her life to studying these rare books. But while Joanna is reading a never-before-seen book, her father suddenly passes away and the sisters must reunite to protect the family legacy. In the process, they will uncover a magical world larger and more dangerous than they imagined, and all the secrets their parents hid; secrets that span centuries, continents, and even other libraries. . .

News of the adaptation coincides with the paperback release of the novel; you can get that version on June 11th. The cast for the adaptation has not yet been announced. The end of the illustrated paragraph

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