Thermochromic ink packaging: Thermochromic ink

General Mills has introduced an innovative packaging solution for its new Yoplait Go-GURT Freeze to Reveal yogurt, launching this summer. This exciting packaging uses thermochromic ink to add a sense of surprise and engagement for consumers, especially children.

The thermochromic ink reveals the graphics hidden on the yogurt tube only when the tube is frozen. At refrigerator temperatures, a set of graphics is visible. When the tube is frozen, the ink is activated and additional graphics appear, enhancing the product’s appeal.

Designed to accommodate Go-GURT’s multiple consumption options (chill, freeze or freeze then thaw), the packaging design includes messaging that highlights these use cases: “Straight from the freezer/frozen to thaw, pack for school/or enjoy” IT FROZEN .

The designs on display feature themes such as “ice” and “frozen” and feature characters such as snowmen and penguins, strategically designed to please consumers. General Mills conducted extensive temperature research to ensure the hidden messages display correctly at the appropriate temperatures, providing a fun and engaging experience for kids.

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