Emma Tozzi’s Young Adult Novel Ink-Blooded Sister Scribe Will Be Adapted into a Fantasy Series

exclusive: Adapted from Emma Tozzi’s debut fantasy novel Senior Sister Mo Xue Titled ink Approved by Gato Grande, an Amazon MGM Studios company.

From writer and executive producer Bronwyn Garrity (defendant, Outlander), a fantasy thriller about estranged half-sisters Esther and Joanna, who grew up surrounded by magic and raised by a father who dedicated his life to protecting a library of ancient spells. big. When they cross paths with Nicholas, the last living scribe in the world, they will realize that the magical industry is much larger and more sinister than they imagined, and will find themselves at the center of a global conspiracy to control magic, and those who are born to It’s the magic people who use it. This is a conspiracy hatched by members of their own family…and if they don’t destroy it first, they will be destroyed.

Released in 2023, Senior Sister Mo Xue In June of the same year, it was selected by the “Good Morning America” ​​Book Club, and was named “Notable Book of the Year” and “One of the Best Fantasy Novels of the Year” by The New York Times.

The project will be led by Törzs and Gato Grande CEO Carla Gonzalez Vargas (Wednesday, Luis Miguel: Series) is produced by Megan Espinoza, Vice President of Film and Television Development at Gato Grande.

ink is one of the most compelling novels released last year and is a perfect fit for our first series based on an American IP. “Tholz’s story has taken the world by storm, has been translated into six languages, and will now be translated to the screen by the incredible Bronwyn Garrity.”

The new series, the first U.S. IP developed by Gato Grande’s growing English-language division, launched in February. The company recently announced several TV series, including Clippertonadapted from the best-selling novel, island of passion Author: Laura Restrepo, satirical suspense novel miami spice Based on the popular novel by Raquel V. Reye Mango, King and Murder, and comedy climax Original concept from producer Sergio Sancho, written by Elena Crevello.

Bronwyn is represented by UTA, Kaplan-Perrone and attorney Wendy Kirk. Gato Grande is represented by Artists First.

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