Find hope and kindness on Memorial Day

(Pat Bryson) A few weeks ago I was having breakfast at a local restaurant in Tulsa. I ate alone while listening to Kim Komando’s live broadcast. The waiter brought my check and I paid the bill. When he came back to get something, he told me someone bought my breakfast.

Now, I know this is different than “that person buys you a drink.” I’m too “mature” and I’m still drinking iced tea.

It turned out that a young couple across from the restaurant had picked up my check. I express my gratitude to them. This makes me happy! As I drove home, I reflected on how their simple acts of unexpected kindness brightened my day. This got me thinking. This weekend is Memorial Day. Particularly in the United States, we have entered the midpoint of a year that has already been marked by senseless violence, inflation, demonstrations, and general unease.

This coming weekend, we remember those who have served our country, some of whom have given their lives in defense of America. They all contribute to sustaining our country.

It seems miraculous that the United States has survived civil and foreign wars, recessions, civil unrest, and epidemics. Many of the challenges we face today are not new. We’ve encountered them before in some iterations. Sometimes, things get messy, many of which are beyond the control of the average American, leading to frustration. We absolutely can’t let it!

That morning, when complete strangers came up to me across the restaurant and shared a little sunshine, I was reminded that kindness and kindness still exist. We have a responsibility to share these with others: not only with people we know, but also with people we don’t know. One by one we can heal the wounds left by our environment. We are stronger together than divided.

My flag is coming out this weekend. I hang out with them around my swimming pool. I hang banners on my front porch. I invite friends to sit around my pool and share food and drinks. We remember those who are no longer with us, those who once served.

I wish you all a happy holiday weekend. Despite all the challenges I face, I believe I live in the greatest country on earth and I am lucky to be able to call myself an American. (It’s not that I don’t love all the countries I’ve had the pleasure to visit… there’s something wonderful about every country.) What I do know is that the American Dream still exists for those willing to look for it. I myself am an example.

Enjoy your vacation. The best is yet to come!

Pat Bryson is Bryson International Broadcasting Companyconsult Companies that work with sales managers and salespeople to increase revenue. She is the author of two books, Roadmap to High-Income Success radio sales and Successful Radio Sales: Thrive in Change Can be used as her website.Read Pat’s Radio Ink profile here.

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