Anupam Kher: Ink on your fingers makes you realize what power you have

Mumbai, May 20 Veteran actor-turned-director Anupam Kher on Monday appealed to everyone to exercise their right to vote, saying ink on your finger will make you realize your power.

Anupam shared a video on Instagram talking about the importance of voting.

In the video, he urged Mumbaikars not to treat this weekend as a long weekend by not exercising their right and duty to vote: “Mumbai mein aaj hai, warna waise Weekendambabhi tha….Toh aap mein se bahut logon ne people It might even be tempting to go somewhere over a long weekend, especially in a metropolitan area, but that’s not your responsibility, it’s your vote (or vote).

He shared that when he was returning home from Chowpatty, he saw a billboard that read: “The dictionary definition of an idiot is a person who doesn’t vote.” To this, the actor-director added: ” That may be debatable, but it is what it is.”

Kyle asked everyone to get out of their homes and exercise their rights, saying: “It’s going to be hot, you’re going to be running, there’s not going to be wind, but in five years you want the government you want, so one day of trouble and then back Home (there will be heaters, toilets, no breeze to cool you off, but if you want the government you’ve always wanted, then leave your home and vote).

He concluded: “The ink on your finger will make you realize what your power is. Your vote will get you the government of your dreams. Otherwise in five years… you won’t be able to decide your future.” what happens.

Kyle’s parting words were: “I don’t want to give a speech, but I feel I have to urge you to vote. It only happens once every five years. You are a citizen and you have a right to the government you want.”

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