Congress candidate Kanhaiya Kumar attacked and ink thrown at her during campaign


Kanhaiya Kumar attacked at campaign rally

What happened

Kanhaiya Kumar, Congress’s Lok Sabha candidate from northeast Delhi, was attacked and ink was thrown at him while campaigning in East Delhi’s New Usmanpur area on Friday.

The attack was said to have taken place when AAP MPs Kumar Gaurav Sharma and Chhaya Gaurav Sharma from Brahmapuri Chhaya Gaurav Sharma is leaving the party’s office in Kartar Nagar.

Video of the incident later went viral on social media platforms.

Investigation underway after Kumar attack

The gangsters also allegedly misbehaved with Sharma, who had lodged a police complaint regarding the incident.

Sharma alleged in her complaint that when she and Kumar were leaving the party office, seven to eight people garlanded Kumar, poured ink on him and then beat him.

She also claimed that three to four women were injured and a female reporter fell into the sewer.

attack video

Attackers brag about attacks on social media

Following the incident, two alleged attackers released videos bragging about their actions.

They claimed they attacked Kumar because he raised separatist slogans and made remarks against the Indian Army.

Hamni chaant kha jawab dia hai (We have given the answer with our attacks),” the two men, who call themselves the “Lions of Sanatani,” are seen saying in the video.

Kumar accuses rivals of plotting attacks

Kumar, meanwhile, accused his rival Manoj Tiwari of orchestrating the attack due to his “rising popularity”.

He claimed that the public would respond to this violence with votes.

Kumar is contesting from the northeast Delhi seat in the Lok Sabha elections scheduled for May 25 against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate.

Tiwari, the sitting MP from the constituency, is the only MP in Delhi who has not been replaced by the party.

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