Delhi’s Kanhaiya Kumar slapped and splashed with black ink by man wearing garland

Kanhaiya Kumar, the Congress Lok Sabha candidate from northeast Delhi, was attacked while campaigning in his constituency on Friday. Several people who approached him on the pretext of garlanding him beat him up.

The miscreants also misbehaved with Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) woman MP Chhaya Gaurav Sharma. She lodged a police report regarding the incident, which took place near the AAP office in Kattar Nagar.

In her complaint, Sharma alleged that her shawl was snatched away and her husband was taken aside and threatened. The complaint said black ink was thrown at the crowd, causing injuries to three to four women, including three.

According to police, the attack took place when Kumar was coming out of the AAP office in Kartar Nagar after meeting MP Chhaya Sharma.

“After the meeting, when Chhaya Sharma came down to see Kanhaiya Kumar off, some people came and garlanded Kanhaiya Kumar. After garlanding him, some people threw ink on Kanhaiya Kumar and tried to attack him. When When Jaya Sharma tried to intervene, they misbehaved and threatened her,” said the deputy commissioner of police, North East.

Following the incident, a video of the alleged attacker was widely shared on social media, with two men claiming responsibility for the attack.

The man in the video said Kanhaiya Kumar talked about secession and opposition to the Indian Army and today we “treat him”.

“But we will not allow those who talk about dividing the country to enter Delhi,” asserts one person in the video. However, India Today was unable to independently verify the footage.

Kumar, the India Bloc candidate running against the BJP’s Manoj Tiwari, said in a statement that the attack was carried out by Manoj Tiwari, the Press Trust reported. Ordered by a rival in the constituency.

He claimed that sitting MP Tiwari was “frustrated by his rising popularity” which is why he sent “thugs” to attack him, adding that the public would react to the violence during the May 25 polls. respond.

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Purva Joshi

Published on:

May 17, 2024

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