Neoliberalism is dying. What’s next?

We just discovered this awesome tweet.

The reason we love it is that it hits something that a lot of us haven’t fully dealt with. In one of the greatest unlikely plot twists of recent times, historically moderate senator-turned-US president Joe Biden is increasingly committed to dismantling the neoliberal consensus.

The tariffs he has imposed on Chinese electric car imports in recent days are just one example of the Democratic Party finally moving away from the flat world, the end of history, Davos and globalization-obsessed hive mind of the 1990s.

No one in the world explains what it all means and how it affects you smarter than Joe Stiglitz. Don’t miss this fascinating conversation with him about the end of neoliberalism and why it’s so important to shed light on it. Stieglitz knew all this because he was there.

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