Mojing-Early Access Release Delayed

The developer of “Realm of Ink” revealed on the official Steam page that the early access version of the game has been postponed. Previous plans included launching the game on May 17th. However, after careful consideration and evaluation, the Leap Studio team has decided to reschedule the release window. In order to give players a more complete version and higher game quality, the team decided to speed up the development progress and launch the EA version of the game in the third quarter of 2025, and the full version in the second quarter of 2025.

“This was not an easy decision and we know this may disappoint some players, especially those who were looking forward to the Early Access version. We sincerely apologize to everyone and assure everyone that we will hold the company to higher standards, More comprehensive content to reward everyone’s patience.

During this additional development time, we will focus on further optimizing gameplay, adding new features, and polishing all aspects of the game. We believe this will make the game a mature, exciting, and complete experience and hope to bring more surprises to players.

In Inkland, you play as Red, who while hunting a fox accidentally discovers that she is a fictional character in a short story. Only by unlocking the dark secret can she defy her destined path. As the game progresses, more characters will be encountered and unlocked.

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