ABC Audio’s Liz Alesse talks one-on-one with Radio Ink

in this month radio inkABC News Vice President Liz Alesse recounts her journey from a chance encounter with a television crew to overseeing a division that distributes news and content to more than 1,900 broadcast stations and digital publishers.

Alesse also talks about the importance of local media, the importance of reputable journalism to ensure brand safety, and how broadcasters can inspire and mentor the next generation of industry professionals.

This is what she told us:

“Radio has an advantage over television in terms of urgency. We got in touch with the U.S. Geological Survey pretty quickly. And we didn’t have to worry about having lights and cameras. We could get the message
Came out quickly. In a real emergency, this becomes critical for people. We have the ability to stand up and broadcast without a lot of extra bells and whistles.

“Those of us in journalism have an innate sense that [a responsibility to know the news] And that pull. For those who work in this industry, this is a true calling. I was talking to a producer about the day the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed overnight. That happened at 1 or 1:30 in the morning. A few hours later we received word that this had happened. Obviously, when news comes out at this time of night, it travels a little slower. We’re ready. We are staffed 24/7.

“As soon as we sensed something big was going on, the phone rang and the leader of our special reporting team was in his car, arriving before dawn. We went on the air live, providing updates and keeping our radio stations To be the first news reporter. That was the first press conference before 6:30 in the morning and we were ready to do it and that was, frankly, what we were doing it for. .

“While these stories are often difficult to tell, those of us who do this as a profession feel a real sense of purpose. And in everyday life, those days are good when the news cycle is predictable. But when The days when we actually put in the service to do what we signed up for are the most gratifying – the days when we walk away so proud and I’m so proud of our team that I want to roll up my sleeves and jump into the studio. , helped with what I was doing in television before. I love it and now I see the team doing it and they are the best in the business and it’s really exciting.

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