Paige Nienaber’s Midweek Thought Dump: The Election Connection

(Peggy Nienaber) For those of you reading this in the United States, I have good news: there are only six months left until the election. Six months of polite conversation on social media! Six months of calm discussions with shirt-wearing relatives at family gatherings! It’ll all be over before you know it…

First of all, I can’t think of anything more dangerous than making political statements on the air at a music station or on social media (other than playing with a chainsaw). However, that doesn’t mean you can’t recognize the election. Kind of like acknowledging a deadly epidemic.

These ads are so exaggerated that they make you laugh. “Paige Nienaber is wrong about Des Moines!” “Paige Nienaber has ties to (insert fringe group).” “Call Paige Nienaber and tell him…” So, Cedar Z-102.9 in Rapides did some great attack ads in which talent attacked each other.

(Attack Ad – Greg Vs Mo 1, Greg vs Mo 2, Greg vs Mo 3, Greg vs Mo 4, Mo vs Greg 1, Mo vs Greg 2 , Mo vs Greg 3)

Florida is a battleground state that candidates visited about 900 times as far back as the 2012 election cycle. WAPE in Jacksonville At a rally, behind a group of people, there were several people hanging banners between two poles. While watching live on television, station staff will direct them in the direction to walk or adjust to stay on camera.

Finally, Wired successfully completed “Vote for (Station)” in Philadelphia, where all the images were based on what the station stood for…and what its competitors stood against. They never mentioned “IOQ” by name. Just, “The other station wants to give free birth control to 8-year-old girls. These are not Philadelphia values. Call other radio stations and tell them to stop providing invasive IUDs to children!”

This is supported by lawn signs which are spotted with prizes.

This is going to be a cluster@#!& so we might as well have some fun.

Now move on to the junkyard.

dad fashion stand

Some stations missed Mother’s Day. Tomorrow I’ll be sending out a ton of Father’s Day ideas. Hopefully you’ll take them and do something with them.

San Diego-based KyXy created the Back To School Fashion Bracket, which is what 42-year-old female listeners will wear when they go back to school. Sponsored by a shopping mall, five random voters received $100 shopping mall gift cards.

What if on Father’s Day, you wear “dad clothes”?

Introducing Dirty Shirley

When I was 9 years old and interning at KGON in Portland, the station had its own beer: Brew 92. But the audience didn’t, uh, picky palate. It’s sold at a chain convenience store, with 9.2 cents from every six-pack donated to a scholarship fund.

The Twin Cities’ myTalk 107.1 has partnered with Surly Brewing to launch its own beer, The Dirty Shirley. Dirtyness is a key component of many jobs at the station. It’s all over, and so is the station, with wine tasting events taking place throughout the market.


ring in box

I love treasure hunting.this St. Paul Pioneer Press The medal hunt has been held every January since 1950, and generations of families have celebrated Winter Carnival by finding medals and collecting rewards.

Every December, Mike and Carla of KKLZ in Las Vegas create a similar version using the painted rock “Jingle Bell Rock.” The task of getting it “in place” without being tracked is like something out of a Tom Clancy novel.

Some corporate legal departments now defecate puppies when the words “treasure” and “hunt” are combined. (Wild 107 listeners caused approximately $10,000 in damage to USF library history books). Jeff and Jenn are doing one in Cincy Q-102 Virtual Looking for a $5,000 ring “hidden” somewhere in the tri-state area.

The clue will be posted on the client’s Facebook page five minutes before airing. Make the call and identify where it is and win. The last of which was in 2021, the project was housed in the NBC affiliate’s satellite dish.

slumber party

One thing we discovered early on at Wild at SFO is that throwing a party just for a talent and her massive female audience is a home run. And thus, the Bachelor’s Ball was born. It needs some improvements and fine-tuning. We tried adding artists and honestly no one really cared. They were there partying, drinking, male strippers, and hanging out with Renee. At 1am, the Westin Ballroom was packed and no one was leaving, which was a good sign.

Syracuse’s 93Q has taken this and turned it into a series that most stations could only dream of. Amy’s slumber party sold out, made a lot of money and is now running for two nights due to overwhelming demand.

Hometown Hangout

“Broadcasting is like politics” is a very common metaphor, and it’s very accurate. Whoever has the best candidate, the best information, and gets the most votes wins. Smart networks know that locking in their candidate and having him/her campaign exclusively on social media doesn’t work. You need to go out and do things for your constituents.

KSON in San Diego, 93.1 The Wolf in Greensboro, WPGC in Washington, KOB-FM in Albuquerque and several other stations have adopted summer programming, airing live morning shows from different parts of the market every week or week . This is not a remote control. The remote control sucks. This is their show. In front of an audience of people who may have never seen the radio before. The music is the same. The games are all the same. The functionality is the same, although they typically include live audiences as players.

And there’s free food. Prosperity. home run.

One of the CHRs made this a hometown tour and went to five different locations in one week, which was tiring for the publicity team, but it worked. It worked because they strategically selected breakfast locations in parts of the survey area that might otherwise have been overlooked. If they did a morning gig at a Starbucks near the university, a hundred people would show up. Think of it as a café in Lake Forest? More than 800 people attended the entire performance.

Great, simple, effective marketing, smart people can sell crap.

Top 10 Secret Superstars

As I often say, Radio does a great job of rediscovering methodology. After a hiatus of about a decade, the method of cramming six or seven hooks into a quick montage is back on a few stations. As it should be: this is a great game.

Greensboro’s Brian Douglas proposes the Ten Secret Superstars: Ten celebrities who each contribute a single word to a phrase. Identify all ten celebrities and win a wad of cash. The trick is to mix it up, get a couple of TV stars, a couple of movie stars, a politician, a local, a couple of artists and then randomly pick someone like Jamie Lee Curtis, like The Beat on Just like Vancouver did. She was so low-key that when nine out of ten were guessed and only one remained, every game was likely to be won. Basically, it’s a cracked version of Secret Sound. Listen up and wish you good luck.


Here’s Paul Kaye from the UK competing for summer concert tickets at the CHR in Minneapolis and concert tickets at the Star in Pittsburgh.

It’s a great game but a lot of broadcast people don’t understand it because we think like broadcast people. Audiences loved it and followed every show and wrote responses. The concept is simple – the station has a secret, and if you know it, you can win (up to three times).

The secret is how we respond when we answer your call and ask you questions. For example, in Minneapolis, no matter what we ask you, say “uh” at least once in your answer.

“Sonia, are you ready to play The Secret? Okay. What color is your car?”

“Peggy, I, uh, take the bus. But if I had a car, it would be red.

“Oh my God, you know the secret, you’re going to be on the show!”

You can start giving away the secret by doing something creative, such as, “Ace will be playing at the Trail Blazers game tonight. She’s a little cocky about her shoes. So if you compliment them, she’ll probably Let me tell you the secret. Boom, you’ll have a winner or two over the next few days, and everyone with a chart and a slide rule can have some context to start putting 2 and 2 together. secret.

In Pittsburgh? Your reply must begin with the same initials as the question we asked you.

“Okay, Sonia, here you go. If you could only survive on one type of food, what would you choose?”

“Holly gum, Peppa Pig.”

“You know the secret!”

When people start from scratch trying to figure out what it is, their heads explode. When you start racking up wins on a regular basis, it’s no longer a secret and you can start over.oxygenThe first night in Pittsburgh, athletes texted me about people lining up to try to guess. First night.

some promotions,And some winners.

A radio station that wants to spread STDs to you

Summer is almost here and nearly every show on tour and bus is going on tour. Many of you are already juggling multiple concerts. What if you advertise that you somehow contracted an STD? You’ll be sharing it with your audience this Thursday. STD of course stands for Super Ticket Day. One vote every ten minutes throughout the day.

Why? What do you think I mean?

pitch for buffalo

I brought up an initiative started by Laura Daniels at WHTT in Buffalo, a campaign to collect old sports equipment (like baseball gloves) for the Police Athletic Department. They will then make sure it gets into the hands of kids who need it but may not be able to buy it themselves.

She launched her first collection last Thursday night –

“My first collection was unveiled last night…at the outdoor patio restaurant from 4 to 6 p.m. Our AAA affiliated baseball team will be making their own collection for me at tomorrow’s game and mine next Saturday The final collection.

“Just at last night’s show, I got about 2 dozen gloves…plus a box of bats, softballs, helmets, and even 4 boxes of brand new unused football uniforms, which a listener received from another saved by the organization, the organization threw them all to the curb.

“I was blown away.”

Remotely Interrupted Building Theory on Fire

When Strawberry worked at SFO’s Wild, he trained street teams on how to make calls while out in the community. He said it should be prioritized. Think about what is most important and put it first. He used the example of a house fire. If your house was on fire and you had thirty seconds to escape, what would you grab? Well, the most important thing to you. Just like your collection of Hummel statues. Or your cell phone. Or photo album. Or put all your thumb drives in an envelope and stick it under your desk. Or your wine collection or your golf clubs. Oh, or your kids.

Last summer, Facebook Live appeared on my feed. It was an early riser, in front of the remote control in a convenience store. He pointed out they had coolers for sale, the freezers were packed and there were discounts on certain brands of soft drinks. Freshly made deli sandwiches, a variety of fries, and there’s still time to come down and sign up for Taylor Swift tickets.

Don’t get me started. But Taylor should be upfront and repeat it over and over again. It was a very effective message and I think a dozen people came to buy tickets. Or at least that’s what it sounds like.

Paige Nienaber insulted/consulted over 100 radio stations on Fun ‘N Games (Marketing and Promotions).find him in CPR Promotion.Read Page’s Radio Ink Archives here.

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