Integrating DNA technology and molecular health ink business partnership

Strategic partnership enables companies to combine technology offerings and streamline NGS workflows

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“NGS continues to be an important research tool for understanding cancer biology and pathology,” said Steve Wowk, vice president/general manager of IDT’s Gene Read Business Unit. “As the pace of innovation advances the cancer research community’s understanding of how biomarkers relate to disease onset, progression, and treatment, their studies now require more complete tools, including high-performance chemistries and the ability to manage and annotate the past. – Expanding the biomarker knowledge base. Our collaboration with Molecular Health reflects another step toward our goal of meeting our customers’ needs and solving their problems, providing them with more effective ways to advance genomic discovery through NGS to support the fight against cancer. .

The rapid discovery of variants impacting science over the past five years has increased the need for large, targeted NGS panels, and scientists are now focused on exploiting the wealth of information these tests provide. Since acquiring Archer NGS research testing in 2022, IDT has been innovating on the Archer NGS platform, as evidenced by this strategic partnership and the launch of three new cancer-focused products in 2023, including the launch of new The automation-friendly liquid reagents, as well as RNA and DNA-based research assays are designed for comprehensive analysis, including complex genomic features. The continued expansion of IDT’s NGS toolset is critical for researchers seeking to advance cancer discoveries.

“Cancer and other diseases can be caused by genetic or acquired genetic conditions. Understanding the consequences of mutations requires precise data generation and analysis,” said Dr. Friedrich von Bohlen, CEO of Molecular Health. “The combination of IDT and Molecular Health’s NGS products and expertise enables high-quality end-to-end integration and deep understanding of sequencing data. Our proprietary Dataome knowledge base enables customers to go beyond the generation of genomic data. It provides contextualize variants, unlocking the value of data for researchers in the evolving field of molecular analysis and discovery.

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About IDT

For over 35 years, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) Providing genomics laboratories with an oligonucleotide manufacturing process unlike any other in the industry, with state-of-the-art synthesis, modification, purification and quality control capabilities. Since its founding in 1987, IDT has evolved from a leading oligonucleotide manufacturer to a provider of genomics solutions supporting critical applications such as next-generation sequencing, CRISPR genome editing, synthetic biology, digital PCR and RNA interference. IDT manufactures products used by scientists studying many types of cancer as well as most genetic and infectious diseases.

In line with its mission to accelerate the pace of genomics, IDT acquired Archer™ NGS Research Assays in December 2022. shared vision.

IDT’s infrastructure supports customers worldwide, with manufacturing headquarters located in Coralville, Iowa, USA, and additional manufacturing facilities in San Diego, California, USA; Boulder, Colorado, USA; Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA; Ann Arbor, WA; Leuven, Belgium; and Singapore.

IDT is proud to be part of Danaher. Danaher’s technology leadership puts IDT’s solutions at the forefront of the industry, so they can benefit more people. Being part of Danaher means we can offer our customers unparalleled breadth and depth of expertise and solutions.

Together with Danaher’s other businesses in biotechnology, diagnostics and life sciences, we unlock the transformative potential of cutting-edge science and technology to improve the daily lives of billions of people.

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Disclaimer: RUO – For research use only.Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, IDT does not intend these products to be used in clinical applications and does not warrant their suitability for any clinical diagnostic use.

About Molecular Health

Molecular Health is a leading provider of data-driven software technologies and solutions. For more than a decade, Molecular Health has been building unique symbiotic software solutions that leverage human expertise, state-of-the-art data management and deep analytics. The company’s mission is to transform the world’s biomedical knowledge into actionable insights. Molecular Health partners with IDT to provide leading software for analyzing genetic and molecular data.

In addition, Molecular Health also provides Pharma AI solutions for indication and biomarker discovery, target identification, trial design and endpoint optimization, and safety prediction based on Dataome technology. Molecular Health’s proprietary Dataome technology integrates and contextualizes biomedical, molecular and drug-related data to provide a deep understanding of the causes of health and disease conditions. For more information about molecular health, visit

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