Mimaki USA launches new cartridge packaging

Mimaki original SS21 eco-solvent ink cartridges are now packaged in paper shells

Suwanee, Ga. – Mimaki USA, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutters, today announced the launch of new paper-based ink cartridge packaging, the latest step in Mimaki Engineering’s (Nagano, Japan) sustainability plan . The new packaging replaces the plastic casing of the cartridge and is designed to reduce plastic waste and CO2 emissions. The project continues Mimaki Engineering’s progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and provides customers with a greener alternative that helps eliminate the use of plastic in cartridge products.

New paper casing reduces plastic use and CO2 emissions
Paper casing for SS21 eco-solvent 440ml ink cartridges for Mimaki CJV series and JV series eco-solvent graphics printers. By replacing the previous plastic cartridge material with paper, the company reduced the amount of plastic used in each cartridge. Mimaki Engineering has set an internal standard for plastic reduction rate, and the SS21 cartridge has a plastic reduction rate of 68%. It is expected to reduce plastic consumption by approximately 44 tons per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the plastic manufacturing process by approximately 57 tons per year. In addition, paper ink cartridges are lighter than traditional plastic and are expected to reduce CO2 emissions from global transportation by approximately eight tons per year, thereby contributing to a decarbonized society.

In addition, the cartridge won the industrial packaging category award at last year’s 2023 Japan Packaging Competition with the theme “From Design to Logistics.” The product was recognized by the Japan Packaging Research Institute as its packaging addresses resource and labor savings while reducing capacity, weight and cost.

Contribution to Mimaki’s sustainable development goals
Mimaki Engineering and the Mimaki Group are passionate about resource recovery management and technology as part of our response to sustainable development. Mimaki has been driving the expansion of its digital on-demand printing business to meet social and environmental needs through its unique inkjet technology. The main efforts to achieve sustainable development goals are as follows.

? NeoChromato is a technology that facilitates material recovery and reduces CO2 emissions through the reuse of textile materials.

? TRAPIS is a new generation digital transfer sublimation printing system that reduces wastewater by up to 90% compared to traditional methods, making textile production more environmentally friendly.
In addition, as an environmental protection measure, Mimaki Engineering has begun to reduce the use of cushioning materials in the 2-liter ink packs at the headquarters factory before other factories, and will promote this initiative to all the company’s factories in 2023. In the future, the company will continue to accurately capture digital transformation data, quickly respond to social and environmental needs, and achieve advanced added value such as automation, labor-saving, high-speed and high-quality printing, and waterless textile printing. At the same time, Mimaki Engineering will promote more environmentally friendly business activities, contribute to the community, and achieve a sustainable society. For more information about Mimaki Engineering’s sustainability goals initiative, please visit https://ir-eng.mimaki.com/about/sustainability/.

Mimaki original SS21 eco-solvent ink cartridges with new paper casing are expected to be available through Mimaki authorized representatives in the summer of 2024.

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