Tattooed grandma shares photos taken ten years apart to show off ink transformation

Tattooed grandma Kerstin Tristan showed off just how colorful her body is to her 190,000 followers on Instagram.She recently revealed what she was like before her creative journey began

Kerstin Tristan shows how she transforms her body with ink (Instagram/tattoo_butterfly_flower)

Life is a journey and it can be colorful.

Kerstin Tristan, the glamorous grandma who shows off her stunning tattoos online, knows this better than most. She now has over 190,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her unique look, but she wasn’t always a work of art.

Recently, she shared a throwback photo of what she looked like ten years ago, with her body a completely blank canvas. Back in 2021, she exposed her skin and looked like a completely different person.

At the time, she didn’t have any tattoos on her skin as she was seen posing in jeans and a casual suit. Now her looks are even bolder as she often strips down to lingerie and bikinis to show off her colorful figure.

As the saying goes – when you’ve got it, show it off – Kirsten has no qualms about showing off and celebrating her lusty body. Today, much of her body is covered in colorful ink.

One netizen commented: “From mild to wild.” Another netizen wrote: “It was beautiful before, today it is beautiful and colorful.”

A third replied: “You are an absolute goddess.” A fourth also replied: “Amazing woman.”

Grandma looks very different from 10 years ago (Instagram/tattoo_butterfly_flower)

Kirsten reportedly spent up to £25,000 on body art. Although people keep asking her when she’ll be getting injectables again, there’s virtually no part of her body that she doesn’t have tattoos on.

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