MMDA, LTO Mo Knight Academy Agreement

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To address the increasing number of motorcycle accidents and promote discipline among riders, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), in partnership with the Land Transportation Office (LTO), has opened an academy in Pasig City.

The MMDA said motorcycle accidents increased in the National Capital Region from January to March this year, with 4,068 cases reported so far.

In 2022, authorities recorded a total of 26,599 motorcycle-related accidents on roads, compared with 31,186 the previous year.

MMDA President Romando Artes signed an agreement with the LTO to recognize the MMDA Motorcycle Riding Academy and its facilities as a practical driving test center.

Under the agreement, riders registered at the academy must be able to perform the following motorcycle maneuvers: snake maneuvers, left turns and stops in boxes, conical turns and U-turns, acceleration and sudden braking.

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The academy will also be interconnected with the Land Transport Management System (LTMS). The LTO will assign a driver skills assessor to conduct the practical driving test. Under the agreement, training will be conducted free of charge.

The academy provides basic knowledge of motorcycle handling and operation with an emphasis on safe riding practices. It also offers free training to individuals aged 17 and above, with a capacity of 100 participants per batch.

The two-day course includes basic road emergency handling, road traffic regulations, basic motorcycle parts positioning, motorcycle control and operation, static and moving position demonstrations, and motorcycle skill exercises and demonstrations.

Those who complete the basic motorcycle rider course and pass the motorcycle driving skills test will receive a certificate of completion and badge.

MMDA works with stakeholders to create modules and donates motorcycles, container trucks, tents and helmets for training programs.

Editor’s note: This is an updated article. Originally published as “Rise in motorcycle accidents prompts MMDA, LTO to sign rider academy agreement”

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