Halle Bailey celebrates her first Mother’s Day message with tribute and ink

Halle Bailey To celebrate her first Mother’s Day, she paid tribute to her son Halo and got his name tattooed on her wrist. The “Little Mermaid” actress shared her first tattoo on Instagram to commemorate becoming a mother to son Halo. His name was written in red cursive on the inside of her wrist, with a halo above the “o”.

That’s not all. Bailey gifted fans with an intimate video tribute to Halo and shared some of their most personal moments.This compilation shows Bailey in the hospital after giving birth, and for lip readers, you can see what Bailey said Very Like a new mother, she needs to go to the bathroom. This will be interesting and relatable to anyone who has had a baby.

Bailey kept her pregnancy on a need-to-know basis and decided the public didn’t need to know. She is very private and protective of the buns she is baking. This need for privacy often leads to speculation about Bailey’s pregnancy and comments about her body. Bailey graciously avoided speculation and announced the new product, Halo, in early 2024.

In the film, she and her boyfriend DDG can be seen doting on Halo and reveling in their new and growing family. “My first Mother’s Day♥️ with the greatest love I’ve ever known,” Halle wrote in the sweet video.

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