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At Display Week 2024, E Ink Spectra 6 full-color e-paper will show why it won the Display of the Year award from the Information Display Association. The award puts E Ink on par with past winners such as Apple, Samsung and BOE.

Source: E Ink

The Spectra 6 ePaper display features a 60,000 color gamut, a contrast ratio of up to 30:1, and a viewing angle of nearly 180 degrees. It is suitable for in-store advertising, indoor signage, and as a digital replacement for paper signage.

E Ink’s analysis of display technology shows that e-paper displays are significantly more efficient in terms of CO2 emissions compared to LCD screens and traditional paper. For example, e-paper displays are approximately 12,000 times more efficient than LCD screens and 60,000 times more efficient than traditional paper in terms of CO2 emissions from the 30 million 10-inch displays deployed, according to the company.

E Ink is also committed to reducing carbon emissions through product design and manufacturing processes. In September 2023, the company’s greenhouse gas reduction targets were validated by the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). In 2021, E Ink Yuantai Technology was recognized by the FTSE Russell Green Income 2.0 Data Model, with 99.98% of its income coming from green sources.

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