Artist repairs broken plate with spectacular pen and ink drawings

A clip from Rob Strati

After accidentally breaking a plate, most people would throw it away; however, artist Robert Strati took a different approach. He transforms broken plates into imaginative works of art. With a pen in hand, the talented creative places fragments of pottery onto the canvas and fills the spaces between them with swirling ornate patterns that match those already printed on the ceramic shards.

Strati began the work in 2020 when he accidentally dropped and broke a china plate that belonged to his late mother-in-law. Instead of throwing it away, he devised a plan to restore the piece and give it an artistic touch. After placing the broken pieces on a piece of paper, he filled in the gaps with a pen and replicated the pattern on the plate with his own meticulous ink drawings.

Strati matched the color of the paper to the pigments of the porcelain, making the transition between plate and canvas seamless. The result is a mesmerizing effect, where his paintings look as if the patterns have been blown off the porcelain and scattered across the page by the wind.

Those interested in seeing Strati’s work first-hand will have the pleasure of seeing it in action at a show titled “ fragments. The art exhibition will be on view at Fremin Gallery in New York City until May 19, 2024.

To keep up with Strati’s work, you can follow him on Instagram.

Robert Strati repaired broken plates by painting beautiful ornate patterns to fill the cracks.

A clip from Rob StratiA clip from Rob Strati

A clip from Rob StratiA clip from Rob Strati

All of his works begin by placing pieces of a plate on a piece of paper and carefully drawing around them with a pen.

A clip from Rob StratiA clip from Rob Strati

A clip from Rob StratiA clip from Rob Strati

A clip from Rob StratiA clip from Rob Strati

The result is a continuous drawing that looks like the design was punched out of the plate.

Rob Strati: Website | Instagram
Fleming Gallery: Website | Instagram

My Modern Met has been granted permission to publish photos by Rob Strati / Fremin Gallery.

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