NABLF, Bright Futures Matching Foundation, Empowering Students

The NAB Leadership Foundation has formed an innovative partnership with the Bright Futures Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering underprivileged and underrepresented children, to provide students with sustainable media career paths.

The partnership will combine NABLF’s goals of attracting talent to the broadcast industry and promoting inclusion with FABF’s initiative to offer advanced dual-credit courses to middle school students. The partnership will provide students with access to the latest media technology and leadership training, providing them with the skills they need for future employment.

Initially, partnerships will focus on key markets such as New York, California, Florida and Texas.

In addition to increasing educational opportunities, the partnership will benefit FABF Media Lab and Creative Arts Fellowship recipients by increasing their participation in NABLF’s programs, such as the Technology Apprenticeship Program, the Emerson Coleman Fellowship, and the Media Sales Academy .

The FABF Media Lab, designed to establish on-campus media facilities for students to produce a variety of media projects, has launched in Los Angeles, Miami and New York City in 2023, with plans to expand nationally and globally. The NAB Leadership Foundation supports this initiative through a blend of university education and practical experience such as internships and media executive presentations, aiming to promote diversity and leadership in the broadcast industry.

FAFB Founder and Chairman Louis Hernandez Jr. said, “I am very excited about our partnership with the NAB Leadership Foundation and its potential impact on empowering students in media education. This partnership marks a step toward cultivating dynamic and An inclusive media industry takes a critical step, opening the door for diverse talent to thrive and create positive impact. Together, we are planting the seeds for a brighter, more equitable future.

Michelle Duke, Chair of the NAB Leadership Foundation, commented: “By joining forces with For A Bright Future, we will be able to enhance our recruitment of more young people to explore career-related education, particularly in broadcasting technology, programming, and marketing and sales. Promoting internships in television and radio is a cornerstone of our academic program and aligns perfectly with FABF’s goal of placing diverse talent in the creative arts and media fields. This is an exciting time for collaboration.

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