AP CEO: Unauthorized use of indelible ink to mark voters’ fingers will result in tough action

Updated: 2024-05-12 12:02 UTC

Andhra Pradesh Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Mukesh Kumar Meena has issued a warning against the unauthorized use of indelible ink to mark the fingers of voters. Mina said there was a campaign circulating on social media claiming voters’ fingers were smeared with indelible ink, produced by the government and only available at the Central Election Commission.

Meena stressed that any suggestion that others were able to use indelible ink was false propaganda and strict action would be taken against those found using unauthorized ink to mark voters’ fingers. He emphasized that indelible ink is a government-produced product and any illegal activities involving other inks will not be tolerated.

The warning comes ahead of the upcoming elections in Andhra Pradesh as a reminder to ensure integrity and transparency in the electoral process. Mina urged voters to remain vigilant and report any instances of unauthorized ink being used during voting.

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