Tattoo artist tattooed ‘Naz Reid’ on dozens of Timberwolves fans before Game 3

Minnesota Timberwolves fans packed Roseville tattoo parlors hours before Friday’s playoff game for a chance to get tattoos of two words that have become a battle for everyone’s favorite players Tagline: Naz Reed.

Dozens of fans signed up for “Naz Reid” tattoos at Beloved Studios after seeing a tweet from Twin Cities tattoo artist JC Strobel. .

“I don’t think it’s legal because the lowest price in the store is usually $60,” said Victor Garay-Triviski of St. Paul, who has a Minnesota tattoo on his wrist. Natsu’s name was engraved on it.

As a lifelong fan who goes to Target Center games with his brother (who has a tattoo just above his knee), it makes sense for Garret Trefsky. He said that both brothers are Wolves fans and have experienced ups and downs with the team. Naz’s spirit on and off the court reflects their love for the game.

“He was always so nice and kind,” Trevski said. “Obviously he was a great player, but it was his personal connection that really touched everyone who was around him.”

Strobel tweeted a random ink quote after the Wolves beat the Denver Nuggets on Monday. He thinks only a handful of super fans might support him. Instead, his direct messages began to explode. So many tattoos were booked throughout the weekend that he had to hire apprentice artist Jesse George to help.

The man of the moment himself is aware of their efforts, sharing a post showcasing their work on his Instagram Story on Thursday. When Reid was asked about the rush of ink in his honor during a pregame interview Friday morning, he said: “I love it. Keep it going.”

Strobel said as excitement builds around the team, people outside the Timberwolves will ask, why Reed? Minnesota fans also include Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns.

For Strobel and George — who became friends because of their love of the game — you wouldn’t understand it unless you were here.

“Naz Reed represents Timberwolves fans,” Strobel said. “He was so overlooked. He went undrafted, but he worked really hard. Now he’s one of the most elite players in the NBA. I think that’s really a metaphor for the Timberwolves themselves.”

“It’s an underdog story that all of us can relate to,” George said.

Fans wearing blue jerseys posed in front of mirrors to get their tattoos while deciding where their new tattoos would go.

There are plenty of people who have Naz’s name tattooed on their sleeves, and others who got their first tattoos because of their love for the sport. Each inking session only takes six or seven minutes. So far, Strobel said, they have only rejected inner lip tattoos. But they have a few butts lined up.

The two still have about 100 games to play through the weekend, with no end in sight to the postseason. They have no choice but Target Center Arena.

“The coolest people ever were in our booth all day,” Strobel said. “I couldn’t ask for more.”

Staff writer Chris Hine contributed to this report.

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