Out Monday: Radio Ink celebrates women in broadcasting

Women have always played a key role in shaping the broadcast industry, bringing strength, perspective and innovation to every level. May issue radio ink Recognize and celebrate their contributions with our 25th annual Most Powerful Women in Broadcasting special issue.

In addition to our great cover story interviews with ABC Audio’s Liz Alesse and the list of Radio’s Most Powerful Women, this issue also includes insights and training from radio’s top sales trainers, copywriters and consultants.

Cover Story: Liz Alesse, ABC Audio

Our interview with Liz Alesse begins with her journey from a chance encounter with a TV crew to becoming the head of ABC Audio. We also discuss the importance of local media, reputable journalism is critical to ensuring brand safety, why radio has an advantage over TV for breaking news, and how broadcasters can inspire and mentor the next generation of industry professionals.

radio ink25 years oldth The most influential women in broadcasting

Since 1999, Radio Ink’s list of the Most Powerful Women in Broadcasting has recognized female leadership, passion and hard work across the industry. Our 75 winners offer their views on the broadcast industry and the importance of membership. This feature also includes updates and reflections from several of the women on the first list!

Who limits you?

Radio advertising sales offers incredible opportunities for personal, professional, and financial growth! However, many account managers fail to realize their full potential. Pat Bryson breaks down how people often hold themselves back and offers management strategies to keep them on track.

Publisher’s Rhythm

she insists: radio ink President and Publisher Deborah Parenti praised the persistence of women in broadcasting, focusing specifically on the challenges faced by three generations: Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials.

ad wizard

How to 4x your business in 36 months: Get inside the mind of Roy Williams and learn how he selects and works with clients who want to grow their business.

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