Dear Apple, I wish everything came in “Space Black” including the “Dark Mode” iPhone 16

“Space Black” looks bad – that’s all. When Apple first unveiled the Space Black MacBook Pro during its “Scary Fast” Apple Live event in October, I was salivating.

It has a mysterious, smoldering and seductive feel.

If the space black MacBook Pro were personified, I think it would be Morpheus matrix Or a mature Wednesday Addams. Or better yet, dark movies The detective, wearing an onyx suit, sat in a shabby bar amid billowing smoke, smoking a cigar with a swagger.

Space black is more than just a color to me. It’s a mood, an atmosphere—one that matches my silent mystique and mystical introvert personality.i want it everythingincluding the upcoming iPhone 16.

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Space Black debuted last year, but had limitations

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Apple launched the new Space Black MacBook Pro last year, which excited Apple enthusiasts.

MacBook Pro space black

The space black MacBook Pro was released in October last year.
Credit: Apple

It is not only The color of people chatting. It has a fingerprint-resistant, dark aluminum finish that makes people, including me, suffocate.

I love the color of my 15-inch M2 MacBook Air, it’s midnight blue. (This is the closest to black I could find on the menu in Starlight, Space Gray, and Silver.) However, I did need to have a microfiber cloth on hand; It attracts fingerprints like bees attract honey.

M2 15-inch MacBook Air on the bench

My M2 15-inch MacBook Air
Photo credit: Kimberly Gedeon/Mashable

Space Black on the MacBook Pro, on the other hand, uses what Apple calls a “breakthrough chemistry” surface treatment that creates an anodized seal to prevent pesky fingerprints. Insert heart eyes emoji here!

However, if you want a Space Black MacBook Pro, you’d be crazy to think you can get the cheapest model, which starts at $1,599 (MacBook Pro with M3 chip).you must at least catch M3 Professional Edition MacBook Pro, $1,999. coin! Guess my dreams of typing on a laptop that looks like it was ripped off a black Optimus Prime will have to wait.

Mix and match speed of light

Space Black is certainly not Apple’s first pure black MacBook color. As Inverse points out, Apple released its first black MacBook in 2006 (although the first black Apple laptop It’s a G3 Powerbook.

Apple G3 Powerbook

Apple G3 Powerbook
Image source: Shutterstock-Pixelsquid/

Well, since then, you’ve been hard-pressed to find a black MacBook. So I can’t help but wonder if this is a brilliant marketing ploy that the Cupertino-based tech giant has stuck with for a long time.

Black is popular in other notebook brands (such as Lenovo), but as Inverse said when Apple launched the space black MacBook Pro last year, the scarcity of pure black in MacBooks has made “people lose their minds.”

If Apple could make a darker, richer color than Space Black—the blackest black ever—I’d lose my mind, too.

There’s now a “Space Black” iPad — is this a sign?

Fortunately, it seems that Space Black won’t be limited to the M3 Pro MacBook Pro. Apple launched its new iPad Pro, and I gasped when I heard it was available in space black, with prices starting at $999 for the 11-inch model and $1,299 for the 13-inch model.

Space Black iPad Pro

Photo credit: Kimberly Gedeon/Mashable

It’s an easier entry into space blackness. Of course, the $599 iPad Air is also excluded from the fun of Space Black. You can only choose between Space Grey, Blue, Purple and Starlight colours. The blues and purples look nice but are too muted for me. I prefer rich, vivid tones.

But sadly, the Space Black iPad does no Equipped with the same anti-fingerprint seal as the Space Black M3 Pro MacBook Pro.

I want my iPhone 16 to be in dark mode

The last iPhone me really My favorite is Pacific Blue, which is featured on my iPhone 12 Pro. It’s so stunning that I risked a cracked screen and went caseless.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Pacific blue in all its glory
Image credit: NYC Russ/

It is true that the iPhone 15 Pro model equipped with a new titanium body does have a “titanium black” color, but the two are not the same. Titanium Black lacks the richness and vividness I’m looking for in a solid Onyx chassis.

So here’s my plea to Apple: I want the iPhone 16 to look like it’s been dipped in jet-black ink, like you’d find it on a table in Batman’s Batcave or on your bedroom dresser in Wayne Manor. I want a dark mode iPhone 16, specifically, a space black iPhone 16.

I’d like to walk around with a jet black iPhone 16 Pro Max, and it would be even better if it had some kind of anti-smudge technology. (It’s worth noting that the iPhone 15 Pro Max I had the chance to test didn’t have any fingerprint issues, thanks to the brushed metal.)

Of course, Apple will do what Apple wants, but I’m crossing my fingers that my prayers will be answered – a space black iPhone 16 Pro model will be released later this September. (If it’s not iPhone 16, I’ll wait for iPhone 17.)

Finally, if the AirPods Pro and Apple Pencil Pro had the darkest black finish, I would die and go to heaven. Heck, let’s give every Apple product a jet black colorway that matches my cold, black heart.

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