Report: Bayern Munich not optimistic Alphonso Davies will sign new contract

Bayern Munich star Alphonso Davies hasn’t had an easy season, but he did score a fine goal in Bayern Munich’s loss to Real Madrid on Wednesday night.

However, the Canadian faces a bigger question – will he return to Bavaria next season? Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano provides an update (captured by @iMiaSanMia):

Bayern are still awaiting an official response from Alphonso Davies regarding his latest contract offer. The club is not optimistic that Davis will sign a new contract. Real Madrid know that the player will be happy to join them, but will only initiate this move if Bayern sell him for a “fair price” and not the rumored 50, 60 or 70 million euros. This has to be a “cheap opportunity” otherwise Real Madrid won’t make a move this summer, especially since people at the club are very happy with Mendy.

Regardless, Davis did comment on the situation, documented in a tweet from Romano:

As the team transitions, Davis could be one of the players for sale. Should Bayern Munich consider extending his stay in Bavaria again… or should the club start exploring sale options?

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