Flint Group strengthens its DayGraphica range

Flint Group launches dayGraphica 4300 and dayGraphica 7100 – two durable, high-performance blankets made with superior surface and carcass technologies.

These latest innovations enhance Flint Group’s leading range of printing blankets, enabling printers to streamline processes and minimize overall printing costs.

dayGraphica 4300 is designed for traditional UV curing lamps and UV LED sheet-fed applications, improving performance through high-quality output. Its micro-milled surface layer resists swelling and embossing with traditional UV and UV LED inks while providing excellent dot reproduction.

As a combination blanket, dayGraphica 7100 combines the printing capabilities of traditional inks and UV inks into a single product, reducing complexity and consumable purchases and minimizing downtime. With advanced carcass technology, dayGraphica 7100 maintains consistent specifications throughout its long service life. Its unique hybrid surface layer ensures excellent ink transfer and halftoning.

Both blankets feature high shatter resistance and resilience, reaffirming Flint Group’s commitment to providing the best printing consumables to the offset printing market.

“In today’s sheetfed market, speed and cost are more important than ever,” said Roy van der Pijl, Senior Commercial Director, Offset Packaging Solutions at Flint Group. “Printers need blankets they can trust. Our new dayGraphica products enhance our existing product range with the durability and quality our customers expect. Both blankets are engineered to provide outstanding resistance to breakage, ink Transferability and color reproducibility and have been proven under the most demanding testing conditions.

“The results speak for themselves: dayGraphica 4300 and 7100 deliver proven quality and performance while reducing the overall printing costs of the printer,” added van der Pijl. “Additionally, combined with our extensive range of sheetfed offset inks, fountain solutions, cleaners and other printroom chemicals, these latest products will make a significant contribution to our customers’ success.”

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