Amputee gets weird ink on his body after losing both feet – and Brits can’t stop laughing

An amputee got a genius tattoo after losing a foot, leaving social media fans curious about the unusual tattoo, with users praising them for ‘laughing at themselves’

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and remember important life milestones(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Sometimes, even in difficult times, it’s important to see the funny side of life.

Maybe that’s why amputees decide to get tattoos after having both of their feet removed. The anonymous person shared a photo of their new ink on Reddit, and it really surprised people.

The tattoo features a tombstone that reads “One Foot in the Grave,” referring to their missing little hoof. “I thought this was funny,” they wrote in the caption of the post.

To be fair, even Victor Meldrew would find it hard not to laugh at this unusual ink. Other social media users also laughed at the creative body art.

Since the photo of the tattoo was shared, thousands of people have interacted with the post and hundreds have commented. One person wrote: “This is exactly what you should do! I make a lot of stupid jokes.

“I’m legally blind and have been a joke my whole life. Joking about my disability always helps me get through tough times. We all need to laugh at ourselves more!”

Another added: “I can confirm, I’m in a wheelchair. Sometimes jokes and humor are the best part of my day as a disabled person. Especially the silly ones! They make me so happy.”

A third replied: “It’s always fun to find the positive in an unfortunate situation.” Meanwhile, a fourth also commented: “I wonder if it would be more interesting if you got this tattoo before or after losing your foot ”

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