X-Rite launches Autura cloud platform

X-Rite has launched Autura Ink, a cloud-based ink formulation and quality control solution that enables ink suppliers, printers and packaging converters to accelerate ink development.

Autura Ink leverages X-Rite’s proven technology in InkFormulation software to provide a secure and centralized platform for all formulation, storage, approval, retrieval and quality control needs for offset, flexo, gravure and screen printing inks.

“Autura Ink is built on a secure serverless architecture and can be implemented easily thanks to its highly intuitive user interface, minimizing the need for operator training. It works with X-Rite spectrophotometers including the eXact 2 Series) and PantoneLIVE digital standards integration to create connected color workflows “By unifying formulation and quality control on one platform, customers can fast track ink development, minimize press downtime, and reduce press costs. return the goods. “

Autura Ink simplifies data sharing between formulation, quality control and PantoneLIVE. Users no longer need to switch between applications to validate formulas, this can now be done seamlessly within the Autura platform.

Using Autura Ink, press operators can quickly identify ink changes and minimize downtime caused by color mismatches. Integrated BestMatch functionality allows operators to quickly determine if an ink meets specifications or if the formula needs adjustment.

If press color is out of specification, Autura’s Quick Correction feature facilitates the necessary ink recipe additions to ensure the press restores color to quickly resume operations, reducing press returns. By promoting the reuse of materials, users can implement more sustainable printing production methods.

“As the industry continues to face staffing issues, Autura Ink makes onboarding easy with a user-friendly interface and preset templates designed to reduce errors,” Liu continued.

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