Paige Nienaber’s Midweek Idea Dump: Last Minute Mother’s Day

(Peggy Nienaber) Start a radio station. There is a lost art. Another way to go MIA is to ask people to wear your branding or create a banner and bring it to the concert in hopes of getting a backstage pass or ticket upgrade.

If 15,000 people gather for a night of music, why wouldn’t you want to spit your logo on them?

I would say K-102 in Minneapolis has trained their audiences to do this, and at most country concerts in the Twin Cities, when asked, many listeners will Cheating yourself to get a chance to meet the artist or get a better seat.

“But this is a flashy, upscale show. People want to look good and advertise for radio now. I totally get it.

Paula Abdul

One option is loot patches: you stand at the door and offer to slap these patches on people. Then you wander around and discover them.

Janet Booty Patch

In the case of KUBE, stickers are individually numbered for competition the day after the show. This helps reduce the number of people leaving them on the walls of the venue after the concert. I saw CBS using these patches in the Twin Cities at one of Dierks’ shows and they worked really well.

Venues do crack down on bringing banners and signs into shows, but they can’t stop you from doing it outdoors.

At a Billy Idol show in the Twin Cities, I spotted someone on the mezzanine holding a huge banner and giving them backstage passes. I thought it would be cool to do it in front of a big group of people. Indeed. However, another Bannerbringer believed their creation was superior and threatened to kill me.

good time.

Billy Idol

In the case of N-Sync, there were about a thousand banners outside Target Center, and KDWB wisely let the two guys who ran the parking lot booths serve as judges…and become the focus of hate and anger.


Again, how often do you get the opportunity to market to thousands of people?

Now, on to spamming.

Friday morning

Until then, Mother’s Day will be almost in full effect (as the kids like to say). Many of you are in full MD mode right now. Since most signs are driven by morning shows, you need something on Friday mornings. The visuals are always better because the visuals are closer to TV coverage.

  • Facebook Google Search – A few years ago, ads like this one popped up in hot tubs in Ottawa in the morning: “50 Shades O Grey.”
  • Round 1 Topic – From the lovely and talented Kate McGuire. So far this week, they’ve planned: Lessons on love learned from moms (good and bad), weird fears moms instilled in us, and mom confessions.
  • EPT Ambush– Taking place “somewhere”, a man in a bomb scare over his crazy girlfriend is either able to sleep better at night or start looking for day care.
  • The place is – One of the TSM stations will be set up at the Garden Center on Friday. Why? Because it’s like a grocery store the day before Thanksgiving.
  • Kind of like a “Father’s Day Freak”—— CHR’s show gives listeners 95 seconds to let their unsuspecting moms cry and curse on the phone. “Playing with mom.”
  • Round 2 Topic – From Shirley K: We’ve done it: Awkward movies not to watch with mom, cruel gifts mom doesn’t want, mom-isms, TV moms…all that fun stuff!
  • And Dolly Parton – From Fritsch, Cincinnati Q-102: “What’s on Jeff’s iPhone…Mother’s Day Edition.” We gave the caller a choice of 3 songs that might be on Jeff’s iPhone that his mom would yell at him to “Turn off the music!!!” song. You choose the right song and you win. We have some weird songs. One of the winners was Dolly Parton’s “Here You Come Again.”
  • No test tube required – From the unnamed station: We are looking for a surrogate mother for our new couple. His mother came over today and said she was worried and sad about not being able to be with him. So, we found one mom and asked her mom to pick her from among our finalists who spent Mother’s Day on Sunday (show, dinner, etc.) and have audio on Monday.

Moms are bombs

WJBR from Wilmington, Del., reminds you that sometimes parents can feel embarrassed.

Garbage Mother’s Day

With many stations offering warm and fuzzy acknowledgments of the upcoming Hallmark holiday, one way to make your message stand out is to do the opposite.

All moms went to high school. Even college. Sometimes the most exciting parts of their personalities are brought out. Maybe your kids will post or share their mom’s trashy moments from that era in hopes of winning her a $10 dollar store gift card.

Mother’s Day Imaging

Obviously not from the home I grew up in, but Cat Thomas and Y-98 from St. Louis:

Y98 pays tribute to mothers

  • Remember when you were little and the laundry fairy would come and miraculously clean your clothes every week? That’s mom! Happy Mother’s Day from today’s best music group…Y98!
  • (Female voice: Seriously! Pick up your room!) Ahhh… the memories! Happy Mother’s Day from today’s best music group…Y98!
  • Without her, would you still be where you are today? (Female Narrator: Let me answer you… No!) She’s right! Happy Mother’s Day from today’s best music group…Y98!
  • (Female voiceover: Aha…look at my little buggy in his new clothes!) Awkward? certainly! Love her with all your heart? Absolutely! Y98 Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Call your mom! Seriously…please call your mom! Today’s Best Music Group…Y98 brings you this Mother’s Day message!
  • All she wants is a hug, a kiss and a “Thanks Mom!” So give it to her! Happy Mother’s Day from today’s best music group…Y98!
  • This weekend’s blockbuster is Family Superheroes! Mother! Happy Mother’s Day from today’s best music group…Y98!

More umbrellas

One of the stations will have a “Summer Selfie” theme and a large backdrop for the “Selfies” event tagged on Instagram. I love this frame that Jack from Buffalo used for his photos during the summer.

Another station will be hosting a “Things to Do in (Dial Location) This Summer” summer event and feature the myriad of entertainment the market has to offer, with tickets included. Kind of like the summer of 10,000 tickets.

Tickets released

KDWB was the first station to produce “The Summer Of 10,000 Tickets” and it sounded really huge. What is the 2015 version? Tickets click out. We have so many tickets that you must beg us to stop providing them to you. You don’t have enough room in your drawer or purse to hold all this stuff.

What is the problem?

The Colorado Springs Magic’s Dallas Jade has been doing the “What the hell” question for years, kind of like “Are you smarter than the Stasi?” at KS95: People use it to set the clock. She takes callers and asks them questions about them or their relationship, which usually elicit a “What the hell?!” reply.

a buncha song

JACK 96.9 takes doubles gaming to the next level.

Call in and win $1000 when they play “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. If they follow Queen’s “We Will Rock You” after playing, call and win $2,500. If they play these games and follow EMF’s “Unbelievable” call and win $50,000.

‘Graduation party

“Rad” is very popular right now. Not sure how long it lasts, but it does.

Over the next few weeks, many markets will be hosting senior jump days. Graduating people don’t go to school for informal days. I’ve seen some night geniuses who just worked through the phone and social media to figure out where to jump to school/program and then showed up. They don’t encourage kids to skip. They happened to be driving past Independence Lake just as 400 18-year-olds from Bloomington-Jefferson City were barbecuing and water skiing.

Many school districts hold supervised all-night parties. Then again, why wouldn’t you want to come over at 3am and be a part of the biggest night of their lives so far?

spread the message

One of the promotions the radio station used to do when it was fun was “What Would You Do (Prize)?” like Jack did in Vancouver, sending the winner to Vegas to see Aerosmith.

When SFO and Tampa’s Wilds launched, we asked people to “show us your wilds,” or basically create a giant, fancy name display.

Jesse and JD from CJAY in Calgary successfully achieved this goal through “Spread The Word”. This is really amazing.

Paige Nienaber insulted/consulted over 100 radio stations on Fun ‘N Games (Marketing and Promotions).find him in CPR Promotion.Read Page’s Radio Ink Archives here.

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