Life lessons from a 90-year-old man

(Rick Funk) My father, we call him “Pa”, will turn 90 on Tuesday, April 23rd. Life Lessons from Professor Our 37 years together are something I am still working through today.

Here are a few of his favorite quotes:

“Can never do anything.”

Lesson: He taught me that if I think I can’t, I won’t, and if I think I can, I will.

“Don’t do what I do; do as I say.

Lesson: The lesson is twofold. He knows he has many shortcomings and doesn’t want me to make the same mistakes. He also knew what was right and told me.

“If you can’t outthink them, outwork them.”

Lesson learned: My father, like many farm kids in their 30s and 40s, had to drop out of school in sixth grade to help his dad with farm work. Although he was not smart in “school”, he was very smart in “life” and I only know a few people who work as hard as him and no one works harder than him!

“Nothing good happens after midnight.”

Lesson: Of course he knows this. See above: “Don’t do as I do, do as I say.” If/when I disobey, I hear this and there is always a price to pay.

“He must be gibbering because his mouth should know better.”

Lesson: He judges people by their integrity. If they were “talkers,” he wouldn’t have much time for them.

“He would lie even if the truth was more interesting.”

Lesson learned: My father is a serious man. If people lied or exaggerated, he would condemn them. If we lie, we get soap.

“Leave your community better than you found it.”

Lesson: The towns, communities and organizations he was a part of are definitely better because of him. Service to the community was a priority and he instilled this in my siblings and me.

“I’ll die with my boots on.”

Lesson: (He did, last time doing housework.) He did something I didn’t want to follow. I never smoked, I drank much less than he did, and although I worked hard, I never reached his level.

When my father first said these words, and then when he repeated them, which he did quite often, I didn’t really realize that I was in a “learning” situation, but I believe he knew that I was. I never had a chance to thank him, but now that I know, I thank him every night.

Over the years, he never taught me anything about advertising or marketing, but he taught me what to believe. He taught me to listen and learn, he taught me right from wrong, he taught me the value of hard work, and he taught me that honesty always pays off! On second thought…maybe he did teach me a lot about advertising and marketing!

Love you and miss you, Dad!

Never stop learning – get better every day, even if you’re learning from a 90-year-old man who’s no longer with you!

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