Ink and Ivory: Selected Indian Paintings and Photographs by James Ivory

This focused exhibition features a selection of superlative paintings from the courts and centers of India and Pakistan from the late sixteenth to twentieth centuries (as well as some related Persian works). The works are drawn primarily from the Met’s collection, a collaboration with film director James Ivory, whose nineteenth-century photo albums recently donated to the museum will also be on display (2021.381.1-16). The drawings will include fresh and informal drawing preparation exercises as well as beautiful finished works. The photographs will present themes and styles within the context of royal patronage and ceremonies; views of buildings, cities, landscapes and people, etc. As artist and filmmaker, James Ivory will help us appreciate this material through his unique perspective and in the short film that accompanies the exhibition.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Hagop Kevorkian Foundation.

Additional support was provided by the Lavori Sterling Foundation Endowment.

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