Doctors’ strike called off after KMPDU signs agreement with government

The Kenya Federation of Physicians, Pharmacists and Dentists has signed a Return to Work Agreement Agreement.

The move ended a nationwide doctors’ strike, the health ministry said in a statement.

“After 56 days, the KMPDU signed an agreement to end the nationwide doctors’ strike,” the ministry said.

KMPDU Secretary General Davji Atellah, speaking after the return to work agreement was signed, confirmed that the doctors’ strike had indeed been called off.

“We had a long meeting today with the National Advisory Council, the highest decision-making body, and they agreed that we sign this return-to-work package today to pave the way for doctors to return to work within 24 hours.” Starting now. ,”He said.

“This means that the strike that started on March 13 has been called off.”

He said the government insisted doctors needed to trust them.

“We have decided to deliver on our promise one last time, and even as we accept that promise, one of the fundamental questions for physician trainees remains unanswered.”

Atellah said they could not agree on sending interns because the union wanted medical trainees to be sent immediately under the CBA, but the government wanted them to wait for court proceedings before reaching an agreement.

He added: “All trainee doctors will have to wait a little longer and we have agreed not to release them for sixty days but we will have a conversation about the issue.”

He assured the doctors that the union would always work to protect labor rights under the CBA.

Tuesday, dWorkers said they were prepared to comply with the court order and reach an agreement with the state government on a return-to-work plan within 48 hours.

Their union had previously said it would not comply with a March 13 court order suspending the strike, accusing the government of violating the order.

Doctors have been on strike since March 14, paralyzing services in all public health institutions.

They demand the full implementation of the collective bargaining agreement signed in 2017.

They listed a total of 19 issues that need to be addressed, the most important of which is the dispatch of medical interns with a monthly salary of Sh206,000.

Of the 19 questions raised by doctors, 6 involved counties, 9 involved national government, and 4 involved various levels of government.

The government offered them a monthly allowance of Sh70,000, but they refused.

Despite striking medical staff insisting on a “no deal” until the contentious issue of intern postings is resolved, the government has come up with a new Sh6.1 billion to meet doctors’ demands.

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