CIP and Uniper sign agreement to export hydrogen from Denmark to Germany

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners P/S (CIP) has reached an agreement with Dusseldorf-based Uniper SE to transport hydrogen from the west coast of Denmark to Germany.

The memorandum of understanding signed by CIP through its Energy Transition Fund paves the way for CIP’s HØST PtX Esbjerg program to deliver green hydrogen to Germany. According to media reports, the memorandum of understanding will promote cooperation in the production, transportation and marketing of green hydrogen planned by HØST PtX Esbjerg.

HØST is expected to be connected to the German hydrogen backbone network by 2028 at the latest. The connection will be established via a new hydrogen pipeline. The pipeline will be developed by Danish transmission system operator Energinet in partnership with Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services, the companies said. According to media reports, this will enable access to German consumption sites and help introduce competitively priced green hydrogen to the German market.

CIP and Uniper will jointly supply up to 140,000 tons of green hydrogen per year to German customers. Uniper plans to add HØST’s green hydrogen to its green gas portfolio to meet the industry’s needs for flexibility and different contract terms, the companies said.

“We see great potential in this collaboration. HØST is consistent with our strategic goal of reaching at least 1 GW of electrolyser installation capacity by 2030, alongside other electrolysers we are developing in Germany (e.g. Green Wilhelmshaven). Uniper’s Diversified Hydrogen Products The portfolio is made up of various supply sources to ensure a competitive and secure supply that meets customer needs,” said Uniper Chief Operating Officer Holger Kreetz.

“This is an important step for CIP and the HØST PtX Esbjerg programme. With the huge renewable energy potential of the North Sea and the planned hydrogen pipeline connecting Denmark and Germany, we are pleased to take the next step to bring the HØST project’s green hydrogen Bringing it to German customers. While CIP has a significant portfolio of power-to-gas projects, Uniper’s strong position among German energy customers is a key driver in establishing this new market,” added CIP Partner Karsten Plauborg.

HØST PtX Esbjerg is developing an industrial electrolysis technology to produce gigawatt-scale green hydrogen and ammonia powered by renewable energy. The project developers said the plan aims to supply green hydrogen and ammonia to the industrial, fertilizer and fuel industries, supporting the long-term sustainable development of industries that are difficult to electrify.

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