As a Libby user, Kobo is the best e-book lending platform

The Kobo e-reader really fascinates me. I’ve never been a big Kindle user, mostly because of my futile rejection of Amazon as a matter of principle. My first e-reader of choice, and the brand I have used for many years since, is the Nook. I worked as a bookseller in college, thriving in the era of midnight book releases, paying $30+ (that was your weekly meal) and Gas Budget as a College Student) For a new hardcover, my love for Barnes & Noble took over.

Then I tried Kobo. In many ways, I wish I had my Nook back. It’s the familiarity I crave, a market I’ve irresponsibly invested a lot of money in. But one feature of the three Kobos I’ve used so far that appeals to me that the Nook (and Kindle) don’t have is built-in access to Libby/Overdrive.


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Kindle and Nook make it easy to get library books

Kobo Clara Color optional green sleep cover

You see, the Kindle and Nook don’t prevent you from reading library books on their readers, but they do make accessing them a chore. Nook users must install the Adobe file management application, download the Libby/Overdrive file to their computer, plug their e-reader into their computer, and then drag the book file to their device.

You don’t need to find a cable and plug your Kindle into your computer to access Libby books, but it’s still a multi-step process that requires help from other devices. First, you need to access Libby on your computer or smartphone app and select the books you want to borrow.this Read on Kindle The option will redirect you to the Amazon app or web page, where you can then send library books to your Kindle reading app or Kindle device.

By the time the process ends on your Nook or Kindle, you almost wish you had given in and bought the book through the marketplace. Rather than giving you Libby/Overdrive access in a bundled, red-tape package, Kobo devices welcome book borrowing by establishing access to Overdrive directly within its interface.

Kobo Libra color is black on white background

Kobo Libra Color

With a 7-inch screen and beautiful color e-ink, the Kobo Libra Color is your ultimate reading companion. It’s the perfect size for travel, lightweight enough to be carried for long periods of time, and encourages public library patronage with the built-in Overdrive app.

Kobo makes borrowing books easy, which is a big plus

Kobo Libra Color opens images from


For readers who primarily consume library books, the ability to easily borrow e-books is a lifesaver. You don’t need a phone, computer or cables to access them. You also don’t need to download the app to your device. The first time you use Libby/Overdrive on Kobo, you enter your library card/Libby account details and that’s it.

Once your library account is connected to Overdrive on Kobo, the device blends your library and search results together for a seamless view of purchased books, borrowed books, reserved books, and more in one place Books available for free with Kobo Plus.

Not having to work across multiple devices or even between apps on the same device makes all the difference. Even if you’re browsing books on the Explore page, you don’t need to switch back to the Overdrive platform to borrow books.Simply pull out the book’s page and click on the three dots to the right of the wish list option to select Borrow Overdrive or Use Overdrive to maintain.

Overdrive integration helps me read more

Kobo Clara Color Home Page with floral background

Understandably, Kobo still wants you to buy books through its e-store. That’s why when you’re looking at a game, buying it through Kobo or adding it to your wishlist is still the most important option, while using Overdrive is buried in a drop-down menu. But Overdrive/Libby is still easier to use than Kindle or Nook. So if I don’t want to spend any money on a new book, having a lending system at my fingertips means I’m more likely to still get the book I’m looking for rather than giving up.

Overdrive/Libby integration on Kobo Reader doesn’t just make borrowing library books easier. On Kobo, Overdrive has its own page in the Discover section, where users can navigate between e-books, audiobooks, Kobo Plus free books, and Overdrive.

Just like Kobo’s e-book page recommends curated titles based on your reading history, current events, or readership trends, the public library e-book service has its own collection of book suggestions for me to explore.I can peruse the comedy in Overdrive smile Collect and learn from their new sounds Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month section, or drill down into an archive Hidden on the bottom shelf part. Without Overdrive, without Kobo, I wouldn’t have discovered all these books.

The Kobo e-reader isn’t perfect, and the Nook and Kindle still have some advantages – I like the Kindle’s build quality best, and the Nook’s 2023 e-reader release has always been one of my favorites due to its 3.5mm headphone jack. However, if you do most of your reading through the Libby public library platform and are tired of the multi-step process required to borrow books on your e-reader, Kobo has the best solution for you. This integration is even an option on Kobo’s entry-level reader, Nia, so you can access your public library for about $100. But if your budget is more flexible, we like their new color e-ink devices, the Libra Color and Clara Color.


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