When indelible ink “disappears” within hours of voting

May 8, 2024 | 07:24 AM (IST)

When indelible ink “disappears” within hours of voting

Voters complain indelible ink washes away; regional elections office dismisses complaints as misleading
When indelible ink “disappears” within hours of voting


PANJIM: The Election Commission’s high-profile claims of curbing fake voting through “indelible ink” fell flat as voters across the state on Tuesday complained that the ink was being washed away within hours of exercising their franchise.

Former CCP lawmaker and activist Patricia Pinto told reporters in Banerji: “I voted and the ink was applied. But after some time I noticed that the ink was missing. What does this mean? This is ink. Is it a scam? I don’t even know why the ink is on my fingers? Is it just a formality?

Pinto said the same thing happened to her friend Reboni Saha, who voted in Socorro, Porvorin Council.

Former minister Alina Saldanha said: “I was shocked that just because I poured a few drops of water after a cup of tea, the voter marks on my fingers suddenly disappeared.” Now, if all other voters This all happens, how do we ensure that the vote is consistent in principle? Anyone can wash their fingers and come back and vote. I think the voting should be stopped and someone in charge should come and check what went wrong and make sure the ink used is the correct ink. Because I remember all these years I’d been voting and not voting for a month. I voted at booth 36 in Cansaulim.

“The incident immediately came to the attention of the presiding officer, who, after consulting polling officials, replaced the indelible ink bottles. In the process, voting was suspended for 10 minutes,” Saldanha said.

A senior journalist who exercises power in the Tarigao parliamentary section had a similar experience and complained to the presenter.

However, the North Goa District Electoral Officer (DEO) office claimed that complaints about the finger ink disappearing or being erasable are misleading while the ink is indeed indelible and long-lasting.

“Complaints about missing ink at a particular polling station in the North Goa Assembly constituency have surfaced on multiple social media. In this regard, officials from the office of the District Electoral Officer (DEO) have investigated the incident and reiterated that all such The reports are misleading, the DEO office said in a statement, saying voters can rest assured that the ink is indeed indelible and long-lasting.

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