The meaning of success and failure: Do you have to choose?

(John Shoumby) I’m a subscriber to a blog that helps dads in every stage of their lives – parenting, marriage, etc. called ” All working dads. One of the great people behind this is someone I’ve long admired – former NFL head coach and current NBC Sunday Night Football contributor Tony Dungy.

Last week I saw one of his most inspiring talks on a show called “Success and Meaning” (see here). He talks about the differences between the two and how one affects the other in daily life.

Of course, I started thinking about the radio business. Success and significance – is there room for both in our industry?

At first, I wanted to approach this on an industry-wide level, but it seemed too general; then I whittled it down to management, but then again, I realized it all had to start at a very personal level in order to Achieve positive results before moving up the proverbial chain of command.

I looked back at my business career, specifically how I had been successful on a personal level without considering the impact I might have had on others. I focus on ratings, industry, company recognition, and of course, the station’s profitability. I needed to step away from the actual day-to-day management and programming to understand the impact of adding importance to the equation.

Just a few weeks ago I was talking to a young female small market programmer who regularly asks for advice. Of course, she wanted to go to a bigger city and get the broadcasting ring in a major market, but something else she mentioned really caught my attention – she wanted to make an impact on broadcasting, help develop the next generation of young people, have Aspiring broadcaster.

She needed some help learning how to implement this idea with others, and that was something I hadn’t even thought about while coaching and coaching as a PD/OM. I now wonder if this desire can be passed on to other young programmers. She is doing something. People want to be successful, but they also want to have some impact on the future of the industry, especially with younger generations (especially Millennials and Generation Z).

Success and meaning become meaningful success.A career with a purpose and Influence.

Throughout my career, I had no idea of ​​the cyclical impact I was having on young broadcasters until I left the business full-time and was reminded of it by many people when I quit. By the way, not to brag here, but I did come to understand that meaningful success is a great feeling. It won’t come with a promotion, a raise or industry recognition, but you’ll have the satisfaction of helping the next generation make their mark in the industry.

I don’t want to downplay personal progress, which is important for any individual’s growth, but I do believe that as our mentors, we should teach these young managers how to pass on what they have learned and mentor their next generation. Think of it as succession planning at an industry-wide level.

I can’t think of a better example than syndicated morning radio personality Bobby Bones. He may be one of the most successful radio talents working today, but he is deeply connected on a personal level to listeners, the country music community, and several charitable organizations in which he is actively involved. Beyond that, his show crew is made up of friends, former interns, and young college students. I live in the same town as him (Nashville) and heard he worked with aspiring broadcasters advising and consulting. He has certainly had success, but he has had and will continue to have a major positive impact on the industry.

Success and meaning should go hand in hand. Make an impact. make change. Add meaning to your success.

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