Tata Power signs agreement with SJVN for 460 MW renewable energy project

Tata Power Renewable Energy Ltd. (TPREL) Recently SJVN Ltd. (SJVN), an Indian public sector entity specializing in hydropower generation with a generating capacity of 460 MW Fixed and dispatchable renewable energy (FDRE) joint venture.According to the company’s official announcement, the facility is designed to meet 460 MW of FDRE demand through the integration of solar, wind and batteries. energy storage technology Optimize energy dispatch during peak periods and enhance grid stability.

FDRE promotes uninterrupted power supply and helps distribution companies meet Renewable Energy Procurement Obligations (RPO) and Energy Storage Obligations (ESO). This milestone marks TPREL’s first achievement in an FDRE tender, reaffirming its commitment to providing reliable and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

Deepesh Nanda, CEO and Managing Director, Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited said, “The partnership with SJVN Limited will see the deployment of TPREL’s best-in-class sustainable energy solutions. This will go a long way in achieving the green energy goals of SJVN Limited.” .

“By integrating multiple renewable energy sources and leveraging the importance of FDRE, this collaboration will ensure reliable power supply and make a positive contribution to India’s ambitious renewable energy targets,” he added.

The proposed plant is expected to generate approximately 3,000 MU of electricity annually while offsetting approximately 2.2 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions. “We are delighted to partner with Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited in our efforts to promote renewable energy in India. Through this partnership, we aim to leverage our combined expertise to drive innovation and support the country’s transition to clean energy.” , commented Pawan Varma, Executive Director (REIA and RTS), SJVN Limited.

According to reports, the renewable energy installation capacity of TPREL, a subsidiary of Tata Power Ltd., has surged to 9,421 MW, of which the power purchase agreement installation capacity is 7,978 MW, including a total of 4,906 MW of projects currently in various stages of development.

According to internal assessments, the company has an operating capacity of 4,515 MW, of which 3,485 MW is from solar and 1,030 MW from wind. Currently, the company’s solar EPC portfolio ground installation scale exceeds 12.8 GW, including more than 2 GW of rooftop and decentralized ground installation systems, and more than 100,000 solar water pumps have been installed.

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