Ink In Caps powers Deloitte Dot Hub experience center with AI-driven retail innovation

Image-Ink-In-Caps-Boosts-Deloittes-Dot-Hub-with-AI-Retail-Innovation-MediaBrief.png Image-Ink-In-Caps-Boosts-Deloittes-Dot-Hub-with-AI-Retail-Innovation-MediaBrief.png

Deloitte has launched its first Dot Hub experience center in Bengaluru, charting a new trajectory for the future of retail. The grand opening on April 9, 2024 marks a major milestone as Deloitte leadership navigates the reimagined shopping journey from farm to retail shelf.

Innovative experience centers cleverly blend physical presence and digital convenience to transform consumers’ shopping journeys into immersive, hyper-personal adventures.

At the heart of this transformative retail environment is Nova, an AI-powered sales assistant carefully designed to deliver a personalized shopping experience that replicates the familiarity and expertise of a close friend.

Equipped with voice-to-speech artificial intelligence and multi-lingual capabilities, Nova injects light-hearted humor and empathy into conversations to guide customers with detailed product insights and tailored recommendations.

Customers will witness human-like interactions with Nova, including realistic facial expressions and instant responses.

Kushboo Jain, Senior BD Manager at Ink in Caps.” said, “This solution provides an engaging and personalized shopping experience, thereby changing the way retail is perceived in the future.

The Dot Hub experience center is also equipped with Holobox and Object Recognition Table (ORT), which allows in-depth interaction with products. Holobox introduces a three-view view that allows for granular browsing, allowing users to understand whether a product or accessory is right for them.

And ORT provides instant, detailed product customization with just a touch by placing the product on the table and seeing the product in action. Users can also choose to check product features and explore customizations for products saved in the website’s wish list by scanning QR codes on the ORT.

Manish Kakkar, CEO, Ink In Caps, explain”, “It is a huge privilege for us at Ink In Caps to work with a globally renowned consulting firm like Deloitte with deep industry expertise. Building Nova, an artificial intelligence assistant carefully designed to drive conversions through smart upselling while providing customers with a seamless transaction and information experience, has been an absolute joy.

“When we talk about the future of retail, our work at the Dot Hub experience center perfectly embodies that vision – combining cutting-edge technology with an inherent understanding of consumer needs to create a truly transformative shopping journey.” Kaka Add to.

The overarching theme of the Deloitte Experience Center is the synergy between physical, digital and online retail channels to promote a unified and engaging customer experience.

This landmark project underlines Deloitte’s commitment to pioneering the future of retail and highlights Ink In Caps’ expertise in delivering technology that connects, converts and engages.

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